Thursday, October 23, 2008

Welcome to Sign Up Casino Bonus

If you’re interested in playing casino games online you must, first and foremost, familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations, terms and conditions, and jargons used in online casino. Since you are not physically located to the game venue, there are some regularities and perks that are offered on land-based casinos that are quite impossible to pull off when you are playing online. Some of these perks are called casino bonus. Casino bonus on land-based casinos ranges from a free drink to cash incentives. But of course, free drinks cannot be applied to casino online so game site owners markets and offers a lot of casino bonus that is eye-catching and appealing.

The most common online casino bonus is referred as the Sign Up bonus. It is also known as the Welcome bonus on other sites. As the name implies, you can easily get a bonus just by signing up or registering on a particular online casino website. In simple words, here’s how a sign up bonus works: when you register online and was asked to deposit the minimum amount of, let’s say, $50 dollars, the site will then give you a 100% bonus of your deposit hence you’ll have a total of $100 as a credit that you can use in playing and betting on different online games.

You have to bear in mind here that different percentage is offered in different sites. That is why reading the ‘terms and conditions’ is the most important step of all before registering in an online casino. The cash bonus under Sign Up bonuses in different sites not only varies with the percentage of the incentive but also with the approach or method they have in granting you the bonus.

You also have to be realistic in dealing with online casino bonus. Though most welcome bonuses doubles your deposit 100%, you can’t expect, for instance, for the site to double your money if you deposited $100,000. Generally, though not gambling law implemented, the minimum amount you will get upon registration is 100% of your deposit and the maximum amount is likely to be from $100 to $1000. This all depends, again, in the ‘terms and conditions’ of the casino bonus.

Another rational aspect in dealing with online casino bonus is to simply follow directions. If the terms of the casino bonus states that the welcome bonus will only be applicable to those who deposit $50 and above, then don’t expect to get one if you only deposited the minimum of $25. Some online gamers tend to get furious with online sites because of their misdirected expectations. Yet again, for you to avoid this confusion and embarrassment, read the casino bonus ‘terms and conditions’.

You also need to take into account the methods of the online casino website in giving the welcome bonus. Some sites automatically credit you with your bonus upon registration while others will first asked you to fill up forms and then wait for an e-mail approval.

And last, but not the least, be aware of the list of games that are qualified and suitable for casino bonuses. Unlike before, there’s now restriction in other type of games that does not offer the sign-up bonus.


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