Saturday, February 12, 2011

Foxwoods Mega Stack Challenge Reunites November Nine

The November Nine is the cute name that has been given to the final table contestants at the World Series of Poker for the last couple of years since the tournament has been held up to the final table during the summer and then broadcast live for everyone to see later on when ESPN was able to derive better ratings from people not knowing the result beforehand.

In 2010 a Canadian (Jonathan Duhamel) won the Main Event for the first time, besting a man from Florida named John Racener in the process. At the end of all things though, the Foxwoods Mega Stack Challenge will bring all nine of the combatants from that final table back into the spotlight to play another round.

Specifically, Foxwoods is going to be placing all of the participants from that final table into a tournament with three tables. This means that the 2010 November Nine will be facing off against 18 other players in the tournament and this will not only give them a chance to play together again but it will also give those players a chance to show that their journey to the final table in the 2010 World Series of Poker Main Event was not just a fluke.

The players that will be competing against them will represent some of the best that Foxwoods Casino has to offer. The tournament is set to start on February 8th and up until the 3rd of the same month the casino will be hosting qualifiers that players can get into if they would like a chance to win a seat at the tournament. This means that in their own way the November Nine will be facing off against 18 other winners as well and that means that the overall competition could get pretty intense before all of the cards have been dealt.

In addition to this tournament, the Foxwoods Mega Stack Challenge will be entering its 19th iteration starting on February 3rd. There are multiple tournaments available with more than $400,000 guaranteed, so even without getting into this main event players can still find a way to walk home with a tidy paycheque from these festivities.