Monday, November 10, 2008

Some Poker Tips And Suggestions For Poker Player

If you really want to be a good poker player, then practice, practice and practice! You should also read some poker articles and poker books before you go to online or play with your friends.

Here are some general principles you should follow if you really want to become a good poker player.

1. Don’t try to beat the other players. Let the other players try to beat you. Keep this in mind!

2. Know the rules of the game as the player who knows the rules has the advantage over the players who don’t.

3. Know the poker probability tables.

4. Observe you opponents – learn their mannerisms, known as ‘tells’.

5. Play as often as possible – experience is the best teacher.

6. In any poker game, the average hand becomes less valuable with the more players there are, e.g., three 5’s is a great hand with only 3 players but only a good hand with 6-7 players.

7. Treat every round of betting as though it were the first – forget the pot and my previous bets.

8. When holding a cinch hand, wait till the last round to raise.

9. Fold a doubtful hand at the start rather than in the middle of a hand.

10. Call your opponent(s) when you think you have a hand good enough to win, not merely because you suspect a bluff.

11. As a general rule, don’t try to steal a pot by trying to bluff a poor player, a heavy winner or a heavy loser.

12. When in a losing streak, DON’t panic. Trying to recoup losses in a panic mode results in poor play. Leave the game, if necessary. Be patient and cool. Everyone has losing streaks, even with good hands.

13. You must expect and figure to lose the pot unless you have the best hand going in.

14. Most DRAW poker players would win instead of lose if they never tried to outdraw the opener.

15. Most STUD poker players would win instead of lose if they never tried to draw out against an open pair.

16. Bet your big hands to the hilt and make every player pay to see my cards.

17. RAISE on an early round to avoid calling a big bet later.

18. A loser will drop a close hand if raised early, a winner will stay in.

19. When you are sure of winning a STUD pot, wait till the last round to raise.

20. Drop a doubtful hand if you may be later in the middle between two strong hands.

21. The more wild cards and crazy rules, the greater the expert’s advantage.

22. Vary your playing strategy. The player whose game is always the same becomes an easy mark for smart poker players.

23. Try to keep a poker face. Don’t complain when losing or show elation when winning. The emotional aftermath will prohibit clear thinking and proper evaluation of succeeding hands.

24. Trust NO ONE at POKER. It is a game for blood. Forget your friends and bet your hand for what it’s worth.

25. Give the game all you've got or don’t play. This is not only the best way to win at poker; it’s the only way you and the rest of the players can get any fun at all out of what ought to be fun.

Good luck and have fun playing poker.