Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Online Casinos Can Be Reviewed Before Playing Them At BonusGeek

Online casinos are extremely popular, and millions of players today are part of this industry. Whether the play is free or paid, online casinos have various offers that will benefit players. One of the main features on online casinos is the bonuses given to the players on various occasions. Many sites are dedicated completely to the bonuses that are offered by various online casinos.

Without bonuses all games can get dull, and so it is with online casinos. This is what draws millions of users to the games. Bonuses will be offered at various situations. It could either be when new users join and they pay a certain sum towards a deposit or when they refer new players. However, BonusGeek not includes the Black Jack Bonuses and how they work, they also include details about how the bonuses are paid.

When the bonuses are added and what the deposits options are will be the highlighted topics on it. Thus all players are enlightened about the various options they have. It also helps players check the sites and what options the casino cashiers will give, and based on that players can take decisions about what they need to do.

Funding methods will vary from casino to casino, and naturally players will need guidance for that. This can be done with the help of it, as all reviews about all the sites are available. Besides the reviews, the list of all the casinos that offer certain payment methods will be given. Looking at this, whatever is comfortable for the player he may choose the specific casino to play.

Not only are the best online casino listed, the best bonuses offered by these sites are also listed among other information. As instant bonuses are always sought this site takes effort to find the Live Dealer Blackjack with such options, so that they can list them. The site also helps people understand which sites do not accept deposits from certain players.

Using the reviews and listings on BonusGeek, there will be no need to either waste money or time by playing casino by casino. All one needs to do is read all the reviews here, and you will know which casino to use instantly. As players always look for variety, through this they will get the idea about which few online casinos offer the best options for play. Besides being a bonus guide, they also offer information about the best online poker rooms.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Experiencing The Thrill Of Offline Poker

In this modern era, the vast majority of poker players play online, but the majority of these online players will never have played poker offline in the real world in poker clubs and casinos. These people are seriously missing out on the thrill of offline poker.

Sure it's not as fast-moving as online poker with less hands being played and players being given plenty of time to make decisions, but offline poker has a lot to offer any player.

For starters, it's obviously a lot easier to read other players bluffs because you can actually see who you're up against and study their behaviour and subconscious movements. In online games all you can do is watch the betting patterns of players, but offline you can study players' behaviour and even talk to your opponents, and try to glean information or tells out of them.

It's also a more sociable experience because you can chat to other players at the table and pass the time between hands, whereas if you're playing online you're probably stuck in your bedroom all on your own.

Also, the thrill of winning offline tournaments is much greater than winning online. I've won a couple of online tournaments over the years, but it's my offline tournament wins that have given me the most satisfaction simply because the eyes of the casino are on you when you reach the final table, and winning in front of a crowd is a great feeling. If you win an online tournament, however, you're just a random username, and no-one knows who you are.

Once you experience the whole atmosphere of offline games in poker clubs and casinos, you will begin to wonder why you've never played live poker before. Even little things like playing with real chips, and verbally announcing 'I'm all-in' can be exciting when you first start playing live games, so if you haven't yet started playing in offline games, I highly recommend you do so as it will bring an added dimension to your enjoyment of playing poker.

James Woolley is a regular poker player and the author of a poker blog which is a complete guide to internet poker, and contains the very latest holdem poker tips to help you become a better poker player.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Poker is still on fire

There are many ways in which poker can be played and new ones are being invented all the time. Poker is on fire, its popularity fanned by a combination of television,technology and, for some, the allure of big money. All over the world people starts playing poker and casino, especially in US and in Scandinavia. Read more about poker and casino in Denmark and Scandinavia here: Casino and Poker. (The pokerroom Party Poker is for instance extremely popular in Scandinavia)
Many casinos who did not offer poker before now hold tournaments. And retail sales of poker related items has surged as well. Poker was only introduced approximately 200 years ago. Yet, particularly in
America, its terminology permeates the culture. It is used even by people who have never shuffled a deck of card.

The status of the outlaw has been today replaced by celebrity status of the poker player. Also technology has taken things further and poker hands are no longer dealt by professional cheats who manipulate the deck but more often by software programs that connect millions of players across the globe.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Sit And Go Planet – Site Review

Sit And Go Planet is the number one Online Poker Tournament Strategy resource. There are 100’s of poker strategy articles and tips covering Sit N Go Tournaments, Multi-Table Poker Tournaments and Poker Satellite Qualifiers.

The site is divided into handy sections and has additional areas looking at the best poker rooms available to tournament players, a tournament beginner’s area and news and updates on the latest poker room bonuses and promotions. The most popular articles are highlighted in the front page. Users are given the very latest information on deposit bonuses at the top sites for example Fulltilt Poker Bonus Code.

The acclaimed Sit N Go Strategy eBook ‘A Comedy Of Errors’ is now available free and exclusively through the SNG Planet website. This has already helped 1000’s of players improve their SNG Strategy and receives excellent feedback every week!

Finally, Sit and Go Planet can also provide the information you need on easy deposit options at online poker sites. This includes a general guide as well as specific payment method options for example ePassporte Poker Rooms.

Overall rating a solid 10/10 – check them out today!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Online Paypal Poker

If you have found this site, you must be looking to deposit and withdraw money. Money, out of your poker accounts that is. Many people search, but fail. Yet this site has succeeded in finding the most reliable and trusted companys to hand your money. They will make shore, that you get your withdrawals in a timely fashion. They also show you sites, in which you can deposit and start playing.

While you are here, you will notice that they offer two great poker rooms. I have given them both a test drive, and they are great. Visiting this site has helped me greatly. Sometimes playing poker online, is hard due to the merchants. You hear of these foreign merchants, to deposit and withdraw. Not very trusting, is it? Paypalpoker makes sure, that you find a site that fits your needs. Including using a papal merchant, for depositing and withdrawing.

Paypalpoker, is a very simlpe layout. Yet user friendly, and executes its goals perfectly. While, looking around, I had no errors or problems. Everything was great, including there email support. This defitnetly is the place to be, when needing to find a poker room that will accept paypal.

The first two rooms, located at the bottom of the site. Betfair Poker and Ladbrokes Poker both accept deposit via paypal. Shows that they care, I was searching for hours for these rooms. yet here they were right in front of my eyes. paypalpoker.com did a great job on deleving, and I have to thank them for the great night they gave me. With out them, I might still be searching away on google or yahoo. Searching for that one room, that will accept paypal and is not a scam. Thank you paypalpoker.

Why rakeback is better than any signup bonus

There are many great poker sites on the internet and most of these sites offer a very familiar perk that many players are familiar with, the sign up bonus. However, there are better reasons to join any particular website than merely the signup bonus and this depends primarily on the reason that the player wants to play poker in the first place. If a player is looking to play online quite a bit, and wants their rewards to reflect their hard work, a good rakeback-deal is a way to achieve the financial (winnings) goals that they have set for themselves. While a hefty signup bonus to get a player started is always a good thing, a player that is in it for the long haul is much better off looking for a good rakeback-deal, or rakeback program.
Rakeback is a beast that thrives primarily on Internet Poker sites, and not in traditional, brick and mortar, Poker rooms. The reason for this is that it is much easier to track any individual online Poker site’s player than in a traditional card room and provide them with the rakeback that they have earned over the course of their game play.

While it may appear on first glance that a large sign up bonus is the way to go, a player that is planning on spending some time on that site is much better served by getting a rakeback. The amount that a Rakeback accrues is based on several variables; the amount that the casino offers as a rakeback, the amount that the player plays, and the amount that the player wagers during any particular game.
Rakeback is a benefit that compounds as the player progresses and can be thought of as a longer term investment than a quick bonus at the beginning. If a player is seeking immediate gratification then this may not be the answer that they are looking for, however, if a player is willing to spend the time that it takes, the amount offered to a player who gets rakeback can make a sign up bonus look like chump change.

Jerry Yang Winner Of 2007 WSOP Main Event

Jerry Lang of Temecula, CA, is now the parvenue champion of the world Series of Poker principal Event, success a prize of $8.25 million.

The World series of Poker’s Main Event submissive the info during the week, with bounteous enumerate after big folk bounced throughout the tardily stages of play, guaranteeing that a untried protector faculty emerge. It’s at the top of the week’s salamander happenings, which include the following:

Main Event inalterable Table circle -- individual big names ran very intense here, with a attempt to add both lead nation to the ESPN final table. But Huck Seed, Humberto Brenes, account Edler and eventually Scotty Nguyen every seam before reaching the final. Nguyen’s crash-'n'-burn to the rail in 11th spot was perhaps most surprising, because he’d originate back from short-stack status at the start of Day Six play, and reached third place in chips just an minute before his ouster. Two names of note did modify for the final table, Full struggle endorser striptease Watkinson and emerging Slavonic thespian Alex Kravchenko. Watkinson and Kravchenko are the exclusive bracelet holders among the ultimate nine, which also allow flake person Philip Hilm, Tuan Lam, Jon Kalmar, Raymond Rahme, Lee Childs, Hevad Khan and Jerry Yang. every nine stacks are tightly packed, substance that this is unlikely to be a runaway, as happened in 2006 when Jamie Gold dominated the final.