Thursday, January 29, 2009

How I built my poker bankroll $100 to $4700

Last week, i have deposit $100 into PKR Poker. so i played few hours in $0.50-$1 blind and get up with $400. Then next day, i felt like i should try $1-$2 blind, so i sat with $200 and played about 3 hours and get up with $865. so i was happy the way it hold my AA, KK and AK. it usually does not. i always lose with big hand. However, as my bankroll reach $1065 then i have decided to give a shot at $2-$4 blind. so i sat with $400.

I got some lucky river and i was surprised that i did not lose any hand with AA or KK. so i get up with $1400. then next day i feel lucky and tried $5-$10. sat with $800. and i was playing good and fortune favor the brave, and get up with $2200.

my Bankroll reach $100 to $4700 within 3 days. i felt it is time to withdraw 50% of my bankroll before i lose. so i have withdraw $2700.

The next day i sat at $2-$4 with $800. then i was playing good. but in a hand i had KK. i raised $16, guy called Flop 6, 2, 10 so i bet $32. he raised on me $75. i was like WTF, so i push all in $800. and guess what he had? 62 yes he held his 2 pair and won $1600 pot. i was like hmm may be my luck running out and next day i lost rest of my bankroll with AA, KK, AK, AQ, as i always play big hand. i lost them all.

so i want to say, even though you are good at poker, you have to be lucky. if your luck run out you will keep losing. so when you play high blind poker be careful, as people call with junk and catch and bust you. that's my last week story.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Basic Rules To Playing Winning Texas Holdem Poker

There are some basic rules that you need to follow that can help you winning. Some of these steps are really cool and could actually help you in getting through with tournaments also. Basically in online poker games you need to confuse the opponent player that what are you actually doing.

This can also be described, as when you are playing online poker the opponent player mind should be more in your game than in his play then only your tricks succeed because if you make the opponent busy in your tricks you actually confuse and then you can easily take any advantage.

Play only games you are comfortable with the stakes. If you feel you have too much money at risk, you won’t play your hands correctly, or aggressively.

Play only good starting hands.

Raise your good stating hands pre-flop.

Limp-in with bad, or mediocre hands ONLY at the low blinds and ONLY play the hand if you get trips, 2-pair, or a 4-card flush or straight draw.

Play your position. It is much smarter to raise pre-flop from a late position than from an early position. From a late position or, even better, the button, you can play worse hands and get away from them with less expense.

Know your hand groupings, but also keep an eye out for small suited connectors. You can win BIG pots with the connectors.

ALWAYS beware of a flush. Especially if playing at Party Poker. If 5 or more people are in to see the flop, odds are ONE of them will be drawing to the flush.

Bet aggressively with good hands. BET YOUR HANDS!

Try to win most hands after the flop.

With only 4 or 5 players at the table, start playing the END GAME. Raise, and play, everything quicker and consistently.