Saturday, October 18, 2008

Poker online Slow play or aggressive play

Well, as anything in poker it depends on position, the opponent, the texture of the flop, and how strong your hand is. Bottom two pair is a pretty vulnerable hand in hold em..more so in stud and omaha. If the board pairs then your counterfeited and a bunch of hands beat you. Top two is a pretty solid hand in hold's one of my probably "gonna go broke if it's no good hands". But, if I'm last to act and it's checked to me, I'm betting it. If I have the right opponent and I'm first to act, then I might go for a check raise. But, again, I want to get money in on the flop here. If they have a draw they will pay you off...if they don't have squat you probably weren't going to get paid off anyway.

The hands that you need to slowplay are hands that you hold a monster and probably it didn't help anyone else...for have 66 and the flop comes 6 9 2 rainbow...probably no draws, you can slowplay that and let someone catch up a bit. Or you flop the nut flush...again, you're going to need someone to catch up because it is unlikely somebody is going to get aggressive with the king of hearts. If they have the flush too, you'll find out soon enough.

Your'e dream scenario is hitting a set against a raise on an ace high flop.

I guess the point is...don't slowplay when there is an action flop or if you think it hit your opponent hard...slowplay does do wonders if you have the deck crippled and need your opponet to catch up.