Friday, December 30, 2011

Tips for Tournament Poker

The recent popularity of the World Series of Poker has lead to the offering of various poker tournaments across the world. This has led to a lot of players wanting to participate in cash games. Thus the tournaments have become richer with time.

In a tournament, you need to win all the chips in play. You can’t win for a premium hand to be dealt your way. You need to gamble on your luck or else you might be out on the blinds. To be a good tournament poker player, you must know when to play tight and when to good all the way. Here are some guidelines on how to play in a tournament.

First of all, you need to have lots of luck to win a tournament. In a big tournament, you need to have a couple of lucky streaks to eventually emerge as the winner. Experience and your poker skills are also two of the factors to be considered but since poker is a gamble, you need to save up on some luck to succeed. If you think you’re unlucky for that day, it is best to forget about the tournament already.

If you are already a good ring game player, you need to fine tune your game if you want to be successful in tournament play. This is because in ring games, you need to acquire the most number of chips but in tournament poker you need to collect all available chips in a given time period. Plus, you will be pressured by the increasing blinds as time elapses. That is why you need to play and win a lot of hands to accumulate chips and win the tournament.

Keep in mind that in tournament play, chips have relative value. Your starting chips have more value than the chips you might be able to win during the course of the tournament. Plus, you can’t buy back in during a tournament therefore your last chips have the most value than any other.

Then you must study and understand David Sklansky’s Gap Concept. Every tournament poker player must know this concept by heart. The Gap concept states that you need to have the better hand to play against the player who began the betting, than what you require to open the betting yourself. In simpler terms, it means that you need a strong hand to call a bet and a semi-strong to make an opening bet. If you want to steal the blinds or thinking of making a move then you must keep the Gap Concept in mind.

It is also best when playing in a tournament to follow the blinds. You are advised to play tight at the early stages of the tournament. When the blinds are low, you have to play it tight and just wait for the other players’ errors. As soon as the blinds go up, it is time to get into the action and try to win as much chips as possible.

If you’re playing in a Texas Hold’Em tournament, you should know that position is everything. When you’re in an early position, you should play tight and let the others ahead of you to act. But when you’re a much later position, it is best to play aggressive and should try to steal the blinds if you are dealt with semi-strong hands.

Another tournament tip that you should always remember is to always keep your attention on the table. You must not worry about the number of players left or how the chips are distributed. Your goal must be the chip leader of the table and nothing less. Don’t worry about the rest of the field first and focus your energy on the opponents at hand first. Taking the tournament one table at a time is the way to win it all. Survival is essential to win therefore you must not think of the future first and try to win all the chips on the table.

Speaking of opponents, you must learn to read your opponents properly. Then use the information you gathered to make the right decisions. If you read your opponents correctly then you are assured of securing a win but a misread will result in a disaster.

Let’s get back to the topic of survival. Remember that I a tournament, you can’t undo your mistakes. There’s no buy back. Once you called all in, there’s no turning back. One single error in judgment could mean the whole tournament.

Lastly, you must adapt with the situation at hand. You must know when to play tight and when to be aggressive. Factors such as position, tells, blind level, and tournament structure should be used to determine which action should be taken. You must mix aggressiveness with tight playing and find the right balance that can help you win the tournament.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Everything you need to know about Speed Poker

Texas Hold’em is now a very popular game that has more than 100 million players all over the world. However Full Tilt Poker has managed to revolutionize the way people play poker online with the help of the new, exciting and innovative Rush Poker. This new type of poker game is designed to be at the same time faster and a lot more fun, and Terminal Poker now also offers this form of poker, which is a good alternative with full tilt poker being closed. The action you will see while playing this game is simply insane and you will also get the chance to stop wasting your precious time waiting for other players to finish their hands.

Since speed poker is a relatively new type of poker game, it’s always best that you first try out the free money version and only after you get familiar with everything move on to the real money games.

The main difference between speed poker and a normal game of poker is the fact that at speed poker you will no longer have to wait and see how the game ends. This way in case you will fold your cards, you will be taken automatically to another table, where you will be dealt some new pocket cards and a new game with new opponents will begin. And all this is going to happen in only a matter of a few seconds.

Thanks to this new concept you will no longer have to wait long minutes to wait and see how the other players are finishing the game. The action at the speed poker games is going to be insane.

Even if at first sight this seems to be a massive advantage, there are a few things that you should take into consideration. Thanks to the small differences in the rules of the games, the strategy and the way people are playing is going to be significantly different.

Here are some of the most important factors that you should take into consideration while playing speed poker:

- First of all you must know that the other players will tend to play a softer game, thanks to the fact that the moment they will fold their cards they will be dealt with other cards. Under these circumstances you will have to make a more rigorous hand selection.

- Another important thing that you should always take into consideration is the fact that you don’t know anything about your opponents. Each and every new game will mean new opponents, and therefore it’s going to be a little bit more difficult to notice the types of players you have in front of you. But at the same time your opponents will know nothing about you. This factor is definitely going to change the strategy adopted by the players and in order to be a successful player you should definitely be able to adapt to the new conditions.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Poker Rake back Bonuses

If you’re browsing for great poker bonuses or rakeback sites then we think you would be satisfied with this famously new poker rake website. They offer a quality forum where members like yourself can discuss poker rakeback and about the game of poker.

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I understand all I have mentioned above because I myself play poker. I would still not be playing poker online today if it wasn’t for the invention of poker rake. This easy yet powerful term has saved me on numerous occasions and keeps me beating while playing poker.

So what is rake back?

If you’re not even aware on what poker rake back is it’s a form of refund on the rake you get charged for while playing poker. Some call it the poker blind or anti but I consider that all part of the rake. This adds up big time you will be amazed how much you save or earn from your cut of the return rake you receive. I hope this helps you understand the game some more and we hope to see you on the forum.

Playing Poker For High Stakes

If you have passion for poker and enjoy watching or even playing the game then you will really enjoy what high stakes poker has to offer. High stakes is a form of poker where professional or wealthy members who enjoy playing poker do so with large stakes of money on the line. Most of these poker players do so for a living and it’s important you’re careful with how you play poker against these members in which I will go into more detail below.

Poker Education

Now that you’re interested in how to improve your poker game when you get a chance go to where they offer great educational poker news and training classes when it comes to numerous amounts of games including texas holdem, razz, and let it ride.

Daily Poker News

Along with offering quality poker education article’s on playing high stakes poker they also offer daily poker news from professionals and entertainment players daily. One of the benefits of playing poker online is the ability to learn and review other player’s hands from previous tournaments.

High Stakes Review

The main reason for this article is for members to understand the importance of education, news, and ways to win at poker. Please take the opportunity to review the high stakes website where you will learn everything you need to win. Education is truly power so get that flush playing with poker rooms listed at high stakes and thank us later.