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Dominate Sports Betting Get Paid to Take Your Free Copy!

Did you know that 99% of the people who bet on sports generally loose money. This is because they gamble: they bet at their favourite team or bet because they think it's fun and exciting. Sometimes they loose, sometimes they win, but overall they slightly or even hugely lose. Only 1% profits permanently from sports betting. They don't just place a bet they hope to win, no they place bets THEY know that will lead them to a guaranteed profit.
How is it possible to place these so called 'sure bets'?
The betting strategy with which you make guaranteed profits is called Sports Arbitrage Betting Let me tell you how this sports betting system it works.
Bookmakers have different opinions about matches, and thus give different odds for the same match. For instance, take a match like Real Madrid - Barcelona. Bookmaker A will give Real Madrid 1,90 to win, 2.80 for a draw and 3.10 for a win from Barcelona. Bookmaker B however gives 2.30 for Real Madrid to win, 2.60 for a draw and 2.50 for a win from Barcelona.
Because there exist GAPS IN ODDS created by DIFFERENT BOOKMAKERS, we can take advantage of that by placing bets at the same match, on all outcomes, at different bookmakers. This is, in short, arbitrage betting.
If all the odds would be the same, there would be no arbitrage betting. But because of their disagreement we gain. How does an arb (arbitrage oppurtunity) work?
Take the highest winning odds for team A at bookmaker X and place a bet on that one (calculated amount) and take highest loosing odds (the other winning) for team B at bookmaker Y. WHOEVER WINS THE MATCH, YOU WILL MAKE A PROFIT! This is because you don't bet the same amount.
Now, most arbs have a profit of 2-4%, but sometimes you even have arbs of around 10%. If you would 'risk' €2000 total on an arb you would thus gain €20-40 or sometimes even over a €100 per arb!!
And just so you know, new arbs appear EVERY MINUTE! This means you can make huge profits.
Of course you need to invest some money, and of course you have to learn some things. But overall arbitrage betting is easy, simple, and above all it is LEGAL. Why else would my website attract more than 50 bookmakers to sponsor me? Bookmakers don't care a bunch of people coming and taking, in their view, small profits. They know 99% of the other ppl will throw away money. Bookmakers make billions of money so don't worry that they will bann your account. That is not an option.
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Joris Dekkers is an arbitrage betting expert. His e-book is sold world wide and hundreds of people are already successfully involved in arbitrage betting applying the strategies outlined in the Dominate Sports Betting E-Book.

Five Easy Tips to Improve Your Texas Holdem Poker game

How would you like five easy to follow tips that will immediately improve your poker game? Yes, that’s right; these five easy to learn tips will have you winning more hands more often. Just read on…

Poker Tip #1
Maximize your winnings and minimize your losses. Simply put, when playing Texas Holdem Poker bet on the hands that you have a good chance of winning and fold the bad hands. In Limit play you must play solid hands. If you are being dealt bad hands throw them away. Limit Hold em is primarily a showdown game and very rarely can you bluff anyone out of a pot.

While many of us have watched Texas Hold em Poker on TV and have seen players bluffed out of pots we understand that this effective strategy in no-limit Texas Hold em rarely works in limit because you are limited to a maximum bet. This makes bluffing and picking-up small pots more difficult in limit Texas Hold em Poker.

Again, stick to playing the best hands.

Poker Tip #2
Knowing when to play and when to quit is an important consideration for a poker player. Play as long as the game is good and you feel good. If you’re winning and the players you’re playing with are inferior and have plenty of chips to give, as long as you feel good, keep playing.

If you’re tired and the inferior players have left and been replaced by good players then you may want to think about quitting. If you find that your patience and discipline are lacking, then you should also consider quitting. Remember, you will not always win. Everyone suffers bad beats.

Poker Tip #3
What makes some hands better than others? Obviously pocket pairs, especially high ones are powerful opening hands. Pocket pairs can win without any additional help from the board. If you’re pocket pair connects with the board you can turn a set and even a full house.

Higher cards are better than lower cards as they make bigger pairs with bigger kickers. Suited hands have a better chance of making a flush and suited connectors (or near connectors) are more likely to make straights, flushes and on occasion straight flushes.

Hands that incorporate both hole cards are usually stronger than hands that use only one.

If you like to play suited cards and suited connectors I recommend that you now how to calculate pot odds and know how many outs you have.

Poker Tip #4
The decisions you make on the flop are the most important. After that there are fewer details.

Taking into account and using everything you read and study will help you solve the problems you’ll face in limit hold em. However, there is no substitute for experience. Only by playing will you gain that experience, confidence, self-discipline and control to make you an expert player.

Try not to be too predictable. Don’t play the same hands the same way all the time. By swaying from your normal style of play – occasionally – you’ll keep your opponents off balance.

The table can be broken up into the following sections:
Player one = the Blind
Players 2 to 4 = early position
Players 5 to 7 = middle position
Players 8 to 10 = late position

So what are good hands before the flop when you’re in early position? – You want a hand that’s strong enough to stand a raise (pair of aces, kings, queens etc…) if you have one of the three highest pairs I’d recommend raising. Of course if your hand is poor you should fold. Don’t be afraid to fold. Remember that patience is very important in limit hold em.

Raising with a strong pair does two very important things for you. It gets more money in the pot and more importantly, it thins out the field. Strong pairs decrease in strength according to the number of hands out there. Your best and really only form of protection is to raise.

Poker Tip #5
Most important of all, if you want to improve your game, you have to practice and play. Studying what the best hands are is great. So is reading about strategy but you eventually need to apply that knowledge. I strongly recommend that you play Texas Holdem Poker Online whether it is for free or real money games. You have many Online Poker Rooms to choose from and practice at.

The only way you’ll really ever improve is to play.

So there you have it, five easy to follow, easy to do tips to help you win more hands more often.

Monday, October 8, 2007

The Biggest Online Poker Mistakes Beginners Make

Online Poker allows many players worldwide, the luxury of playing Poker, even if they don't have a casino nearby. Thousands of players log on every day and night with the hopes of becoming the next WSOP Bracelet Winner, or WPT Champion.

When deciding to enter the world of Online Poker, there are a number of things you should know, some of which can mean the difference between winning big, and re-depositing.

Game selection is of paramount importance if you are going to make money at Online Poker. The ability to scan hundreds of games at the limit you are looking to play at, allows you to sit in the game that allows you the best possible chance of winning.

Having a big enough Bankroll for the limits you want to play is also of extreme importance. Too many players when starting out, will win some, and immediately move up in limits. Most of these players end up broke faster than they can say "reload".

Don't play too many tables. Many players think that if they can win at a certain level, that they can win twice or three times as much if they add 1 or two tables. I have news for them: Your win rate does not multiply by the amount of tables you play. If you are a winning player at a certain level, drop down a level and add another table gradually.

Don't screw around. During a poker game you should onlly be focusing on the task at hand--Playing Poker. Don't check email, surf the internet, watch TV, etc. Your money is on the table. Pay attention to it. In times when you are not involved in a hand, take notes on your opponents. You will greatly benefit from it.

For more rants about Online Poker Strategy, stop over to Poker-Speak. Be sure to check out our Big Money Freerolls

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Texas Holdem Ring Games & Tournament Strategy

The Texas Holdem poker game, the most commonly played community poker, is available either as a tournament game or in a ring game, the tournaments. A tournament game will use tournament chips that are worthless outside of it, but a ring game uses real money or cash. In a ring game, the ante or betting rate remains constant and players can cash in or out of the game after each poker hand. A ring or cash game for Texas Holdem will either be a fixed-limit or a no-limit game. A fixed-limit game will have a bet of fixed amount while a no-limit game will have a bet of variable amount depending on the betting player.

Players can choose between a fixed-limit and a no-limit in between games. The strategy to remember when playing a cash game is to be mindful if the game being played will be changed from a no-limit to a fixed-limit game or vice versa. This is because no-limit players will be too aggressive in a fixed-limit game while a fixed limit player will be too passive in a no-limit game. Playing in a game that is not your cup of tea is not recommended.

Another strategy when playing in a fixed-limit cash game is to bluff more often. Since betting is more controlled in a fixed-limit cash game, taking risks such as bluffing may be more advantageous to the player than when they decide to remain within their comfort zone.

Playing in cash games also requires adopting a loose playing strategy unlike the tight playing strategy in poker tournament games. Since the betting rate remains constant throughout the game, a loose playing style will not only be your ticket to winning but will also let you enjoy your game.

A strategy that you can use is to look out for cues of when to play aggressive. You will know that you have a fair chance of winning when you get a combination or a suit pair of ace, king, queen or jack as your starting hand. Also, having suited cards are always better than non-suited cards because you can have a chance to win with a straight of higher rank.

Armed with the knowledge of how your cards will fare, strategize in reading your opponent. You can not call or raise a bet without any assurance that you have an even slight advantage over your betting opponent.In live poker games Never look at the face because there are professional players that are poker faced who can deceive you. Instead, observe the body movements to know if he is upset or not with his cards.

In addition to keen powers of observation, choose to be the last player during card dealing. You will have the advantage of reading the other players as they receive their hole cards. By the time that it is your turn to receive your hole cards, they will be so busy studying their hand that they may forget to observe your reaction while receiving your cards. Throughout the poker game, you will have the advantage to call or fend-off a bluff.