Sunday, July 29, 2007

Giochi Casino Online – A leading Italian Casino Review site distinguished itself by providing in depth reviews of Italian language online casinos. Traditionally Italian casino site offer very little information to the prospective user and are by and large banner farms. Giochi casino puts an emphasis on casino games information and free casino games in flash with easy access for it’s users. The design of giochi casino online is deliberately minimalistic to distinguish itself from the flashy banner farms that are abundant in the Italian market. is a relatively new site and will grow to include comprehensive information on casino bonuses, casino games, casino announcements, strategies, rules and provide reviews of new casinos.

The people behind giochi casinos .it have a long experience in the online casino industry. They first started reviewing and rating online casinos in 2000 and have since built up an excellent track record in the industry. With the passing of the unlawful internet gambling act in the US, online gambling has diversified to other markets and seeks to provide the best and most accurate information in these new and emerging markets.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Gamblecraft Online Casino Guide

With many nifty tools offered, GambleCraft truly offers an honest insight into online gambling! The friendly main page offers the viewer a quick glimpse of the site sections, the top gambling tutorials, the latest online casino reviews, and some truly amazing casino software made by the company that are so helpful that you will definitely not want to go into an online casino with trying beforehand! The site also offers a very comprehensive Casino news section that is updated regularly, daily in fact, to share with viewers the latest happenings in the online casino world.

There is also an archive so users have access to many articles all related to online gambling right from that page at GambleCraft! Online Casino reviews gives the viewer a comprehensive review of some online casinos with a rating! Viewers are also shown a review of that particular online casino as well as offered a direct link for download their software. This while also showing the viewer the max bonus that can be attained.

You can also gain an understanding of what certain types of gambling involves such as the slots or roulette and such from the section Casino Games. In the Best Online Casinos section you can view some of the top notch online casinos on the web! The tutorial section is also a wonder! Offering some nice articles on probability theory and related material viewers would not want to miss out on this most extra ordinary topic! Trust me, it may come in handy sometime soon! One of the best parts is that this website is truly oriented around providing users with Online casino related news and also reviews of Online casinos. What more could you want out of a site about Online Casinos? Here you can learn the tricks of the trade, experiment with cool tools and get market insight with the latest Online Casino happenings! is truly the one stop for Online Casino information!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Ixgames Forum

Ixgames gambling forum is really a collection of many forums. It is a part of the Ixgames network and is an extension of a website that includes a great variety of gaming information. Not all forums require a login in, but those that do, provide an easy and simple process that is well worth it.
Through the Forums, the Swedish and German player can find their way to their local forums where the discussions are carried out in their respective languages.

Subjects of the Forums
The Forums follow the style of the Ixgames website in that they are categorized into different topics. There is a general Discussion Forum that doesn't take any log in and it is open for all sorts of talk related to gaming. This is also currently the most used forum. Here people can ask each other for advice regarding anything really and it is a great place to find new friends with the same interest in online gaming. It can also be of help those new to the online world of games and who wish to learn a little bit more about it before getting started. The answers are bound to be truthful and real as people speak from their own experience and without any interest in sales, unless they try to get an "invite-a-friend" bonus so keep your eyes open!

The second most popular forum is the Casino Forum. Here people share their experience from online Casinos and give advice about the very same. You will find in this and all the forums that some of the writers work for Ixgames and as such they will adjust the conversations as they see fit. This is good as you can be sure that abuse of the forum will be taken care of and hopefully stopped before it ever happens. On the other hand you will have to trust that the information entered isn't altered but then again this is the case with all online forums. Use your good judgment when entering into a discussion and you should benefit from this outlet for advice and questions.

Other Forums available are a Poker Forum, a Titan Poker Forum, a Sport Betting Forum, a Bingo Forum, a Backgammon Forum and a Skill Games Forum. The Titan Poker and the Backgammon forums aren't that full of posts yet. Perhaps you'll be able to make the difference and spice them up with some interesting discussion. That is just the nice thing about forums, that you not only have the benefit of having your own questions answered but you can also enjoy giving other people some advice from your own experience.

The wide range of forums presented by Ixgames certainly makes an excellent platform for this kind of interaction. As time goes on the forums build useful databases of information for the one searching for a specific topic.

Monday, July 16, 2007

online poker and casino forum

Poker sites are in such great numbers across the Internet you will find that playing poker online can be difficult to do due to the crowded sites in your path, I am offering you guidance, I will tell you of a great site which has offered me online poker, the site I speak of is Muff Money, this site is great because it offers a great service as well as an extensive list of links to other great American poker sites which are legit and safe to use, when you play poker online you need to make sure that you are safe and not losing money out of your pocket without realising, if you use Muff Money you will find that things are simpler and easier to do.

Muff Money offers you advice and guidance so that you an start earning money by playing poker online instead of losing your money on many other sites which are more likely to take money off you than give you money. So when you need advice and poker services check out Muff Money because they offer a great service, which is reliable and easy to use.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

poker tv news on broadband

If you are looking for a site which offers Poker services as its main service but also tutorials, news, updates and a forum then you can expect to feel right at home with Broadband Poker, these features will offer you the best experience with poker and make things a lot easier and simplistic for you especially if you are a beginner.

The site has a great forum which has many members which are willing to answer any of your questions which is great when you’re starting with poker and want to learn more about it. The forum is full of pro’s who are more then happy to help you out, and because the forum is free you are pretty much getting free information which you would normally have to pay for if you were to learn poker by getting a tutor. There is also a constant update of the latest news around the poker world which is great if you want to keep up to date with the latest poker tournaments. This site is easy to access and easy to use so you can expect to be happy when browsing throughout the site due to the many things it has to offer to you as a poker player.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

UK Online Casino Directory

Since the Internet has grown in popularity and size over the past few years it can be difficult to find an online casino that offers a good service that will keep you happy and feel safe when giving out your card details to place a bet. Things can be complicated and to find a website that is legit and not like the rest can be really difficult, especially if you are not the best with computers. You want to find something that is simple and easy to use.

Well I have reviewed many sites and I can say that Online-Casinos is the best site I have come across, it is popular and has many users already, I have found that its huge selection of games fills up many hours of my day, I feel safe and I feel happy to be able to play games so easily and when I win, it makes things even better to win cash prizes. The user-friendly interface of the website makes things so much simpler for you the viewer, and when you can easily access your favourite games you will find that you will spend more time playing games than trying to find a way to play them, this is common on many other sites but on Online-Casinos you can expect to be able to play things with ease and simplicity.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Online Slot Guy

If you are looking for a site that offers free slot games & Penny slots that can offer cash prizes in return then you may want to check out the Online Slots at Online Slots Guy. Online slots guy, This site is the best I have come by so far that offers an extensive range of games to chose from which offer a selection of cash prizes if you win the games which is excellent compared to many slot sites. The selection that is offered by this site is one of the best parts, it makes browsing easy and lets you play your favourite games with only a few clicks, which is the way it is supposed to be, simple and easy.

And when it is free to try and you can win cash for playing and winning the games you will find yourself overjoyed by this website so much that you will find yourself visiting more and more. But it is worth it with such a high standard website, you cannot go wrong with this site, it is easy to use, easy to find your way around and you will have a lot of fun. Go ahead and check it out, its worth trying out for the experience!
Try out free slot games if you are looking to play for fun.