Friday, November 5, 2010

Poker Stars Encouraging Women to Satellite into PCA

The Poker Stars Caribbean Adventure (PCA) is one of the highlight tournaments held live every year under the Poker Stars banner. One thing that makes this event such a great one each year is that there is a Main Event set aside just for women, a trend that will continue during the 2011 iteration of the event scheduled to start on January 6th and continue all the way through to the 16th.

To get into the event which will be held at the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas, women will need to win their way through a series of different satellite tournaments. There are $11 rebuy events taking place everyday at Poker Stars and in addition to that there are also $33 freezeout events happening on the same site. Winning any of these satellite tournaments will get you into the final satellite tournament where one seat to the tournament will be available for every $3480 in the prize pool as that is the exact value of the prize package that is being given out this year.

What makes this prize package so special is the fact that not only do you get the $1000 needed to buy into the tournament, but you can also go right ahead and get a lot of other perks such as $300 free for enrolment into a boot camp taught before the tournament by none other than Vanessa Rousso.

The powers that be in both the online and offline poker communities understand that one of the reasons that poker has not grown as much in the last five years of the 2000s as it did during the first five (after the obvious legal situations) is that the poker community has not done enough to get women to become a part of it.

This is why events like the women’s main event at the PCA are so important and it is also why several high-profile women poker professionals will also be making appearances to play. These include but are not limited to Vicky Coren, Katja Thater and the aforementioned Vanessa Rousso.