Monday, November 30, 2009

Full Tilt Poker Expands Online Rivalry from Two to Three

For a long time now, there has been an online high stakes cash game poker rivalry between Patrik Antonius and Tom Dwan, two of the members of Team Full Tilt. In a move that recently gave him some media points over his rival, Patrik Antonius took down the largest pot in online poker history when he won nearly $880,000 in a single pot. Even though Tom Dwan has certainly been the media darling for the last little while, Antonius appears to have the media attention to himself this week with that particular achievement.

What probably makes the win even sweeter from the point of view of Antonius is that the win actually came against player isildur1. Many people reading this article may not recognize the screen name, but people that regularly follow the high stakes cash game action at Full Tilt Poker definitely know that screen name when they see it.

It is the name of a player that has been able to take both Antonius and Dwan for hundreds of thousands of dollars at the cash games that all three have played against each other. In fact, there was one week during which Dwan lost $5 million to isildur1 over the course of just those seven days. The third of the trio of online cash game poker doom at Full Tilt Poker is starting to up his media recognition even more since he has agreed to face Dwan heads-up in a poker challenge that will take place live at a casino in London to be determined shortly.

Full Tilt Poker players are still warming up to the 500,000 hands of poker duelling taking place between Patrik Antonius and Tom Dwan. The two players have been at it for a long time now and the excitement over their battling just seems to grow with each passing day. Now, with a third prolific online cash game player being added into the rivalry, things appear to be lining up for Full Tilt Poker to hog most of the online cash game poker media attention for the near future.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Titan Poker ECOOP V Start Date Approaching

When it comes to the Titan Poker franchise, the European Championship of Online Poker is something that has long been a tradition. Since Titan Poker is the largest website in the world for online poker that does not allow players from the United States, it has only been natural for them to host this exceptional event.

While not as large as the World Championship of Online Poker that Poker Stars holds regularly, the ECOOP is definitely a place to go if you’d like the chance to win some large prize pools. The fifth instalment of this tournament is going to start on November 23rd and ends on December 6th inclusively. With one tournament running on each successive day, that gives players 14 different opportunities to leave their mark on the championship before all has been said and done.

November 23rd will see a $200 + $16 tournament for No Limit Texas Hold ‘Em being run. That event actually has a guaranteed prize pool of $250,000 attached to it, giving people some serious cash to play towards. The other bookend of the tournament is a $1500 + $80 tournament for No Limit Texas Hold ‘Em taking place on the final day of December 6th. That tournament has a guaranteed prize pool of $1.5 million attached to it and is effectively the flagship finale of the entire championship.

In between, there are excellent events for Omaha, Omaha Hi/Lo and Seven Card Stud. With rule structures allowing for normal events, turbo events, rebuy events and events with six-handed tables, there can be no complaints about a lack of choice as players start to consider which tournaments they will participate in.

The largest buy-in for the event will be on November 30th. It is an event for high rollers with a buy-in of $2500 and a guaranteed prize pool of $500,000. The average roller will likely be far more comfortable with the tournament taking place the previous day that has the same guaranteed prize pool but a much smaller $500 buy-in to its name.

As is always the case with big online tournaments, satellites are always available. In fact, they have already started running for most events on Titan Poker.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Poker Stars Creates Third Big Sunday Tournament

Just in case anyone doubted the ability of Poker Stars to create new tournaments on a regular basis, they have come through with yet another monster tournament for their already impressive line up of Sunday tournaments.

The newest one is called the Turbo Takedown and it is good enough to offer a $1 million guaranteed prize pool. Furthermore, since the Turbo Takedown and the Sunday Million are scheduled to occur consecutively, players can actually play in both tournaments on the same day and have a crack at a total guaranteed prize pool of $2 million between those two particular tournaments.

The catch with the Turbo Takedown however is that you can’t get into the tournament with a cash buy-in. Instead, you have to collect Frequent Player Points (FPPs) through generating take and tournament registration fees at other events at Poker Stars. The buy-in for the Turbo Takedown is 3000 FPPs and of course it does occur every week so a player wanting to play in all of them will need to be quite busy during the week collecting the necessary FPPs to make their way into the tournament.

Of course, one point that is worth noting is that the direct 3000 FPP buy-in is not the only way for you to get into this tournament. Because Poker Stars cannot deny their nature, they will offer excellent satellite tournament opportunities that will allow them to populate the 25,000 player tournament every single week. The satellites naturally come with a much smaller buy-in attached so players wanting to get into the Turbo Takedown without paying the huge buy-in can always try their luck with a satellite tournament.

To sweeten the pot, Poker Stars has offered much more than the $1 million guaranteed prize pool in this tournament. There are going to be $100 bounties on each of the Poker Stars Pro players in the tournament and the player with the biggest cash at the end of the month will get a car or its cash equivalent as an added bonus prize. With this tournament, Poker Stars is definitely doling out the rewards.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Let Us Entertain You at Cool Hand Poker

If the name sounds familiar, it certainly should. Cool Hand Poker is modeled after Cool Hand Luke, one of the most iconic characters in American cinema. He was a man that was known for being a loose cannon, but he was also a man that most definitely knew how to have fun. It is in that spirit that Cool Hand Poker operates and for this reason many of the prizes that they offer in tournaments are a bit unorthodox.

A good example of this is “Let Us Entertain You,” a tournament that is part of the November 2009 promotional offerings from the Cool Hand Poker website.

The tournament finale for this promotion takes place on November 25th and is currently in place for a start time of 1900 GMT. You can buy into the tournament for $5 + $0.50 and during the first hour of play you have as many $1 rebuys as you would like to make. With levels increasing every five minutes however, those rebuys will not be worth a whole lot before too long, forcing you to buy more of them each time you decide you’d like to enter the fray again.

The winner of the tournament will end up with a voucher for $500. This voucher is good for any entertainment event that they would like to attend. You can go see the band of your choice or attend any other live event that falls into the price range of the voucher that you can win.

The best part of this is that throughout the rest of November, satellite tournaments will be available two times a day up until the finale begins. You can get into a satellite for $0.50 and you can purchase rebuys during satellite events as well.

Due to the unorthodox nature of the top prize being offered in this tournament, there are many at Cool Hand Poker that feel that this particular promotion will put them on the map. They are a minor website right now, but if promotions like this become really popular, that could certainly change in a hurry.