Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Big Game is Back at Poker Stars

Poker Stars has previously done a promotion where the winner got a chance to play in a cash game with a large stack and a chance to take some money home against some of the best players around. That promotion was so successful that Poker Stars has decided to do a second round of the promotion starting with online qualifiers that lead into the event.

The online qualifiers are running right now at Poker Stars under the name “The Big Game”. The not so subtle name is obviously an homage to the Las Vegas cash game of the same name that has cash game chip stacks running deep.

Players can get a chance to be the Loose Cannon at the table of the next Big Game that Poker Stars runs. The Loose Cannon position is exactly what it sounds like. It is a person with very little known about them that at the same time is a person that could potentially do some damage to the poker professionals that are sitting at the table.

The final 200 players remaining in the online Big Game promotional tournament will each be invited to submit a video about themselves. That video will then be compared with the other submissions and a Loose Cannon will be chosen from those submissions. In the end, it is a great way for a player to get some access to the televised poker world.

It is also of course a great chance for a player to head to Las Vegas on a freeroll and attempt to work some cash prizes from the deal. Any player winning the Loose Cannon role will be given $100,000 and a seat at the table against Poker Stars professionals like Daniel Negreanu. They can get in for free and anything over that amount that they win is theirs to keep. A freeroll with 100% stake in the profits is a pretty sweet deal and it is exactly the deal that is available to any Poker Stars player lucky enough to get through this promotion and come out on top.