Friday, January 31, 2014

No Deposit Poker Bonus Deals

Even though online poker is very popular, but there are still millions of people play poker offline.  There are lots of benefits when you play offline poker, such as casino offers you VIP card, Rewards card also offer free meals as well as drinks, and so players can play poker all day and night. But online poker can’t offer this kind of service, so they are offering free poker money to new player, so they can enjoy playing poker and test their software.
Many online poker rooms offer free poker money, but there are only few of them who are truly stand out.  The main reason poker room offers free money to new poker players because they want to sign up as many players as they could, so they can populate the tables and become a big poker room in the industry. It not only helps the poker room, it also helps the player, as they are playing poker with free cash, and they can build their bankroll with no risk. There are two different no deposit poker bonus in 2014, first you can sign up poker room who offers free money, after registration put the bonus code or confirmation your email, you will get your free cash, this kind of bonus won’t give you more than $20. But other hand provided by third-party bankroll, which you sign up via their link, finish the registration and can pay you up to $100, though it is a bit longer process.
As I already said only couple of few top poker room offering no deposit poker bonus, so sign up with the established sites to avoid any problems. Now let’s say you sign up and played poker with free money and, can you withdraw the money? Of course you can, but each of the site has their own terms and conditions, read it and make sure you fulfill their agreement.  Though majority of the site required you to play a certain amount of hands and send your proof of identification card such as driver license, so just scan a copy and send them via email and you are done.
If you want to try no deposit poker bonus, I would like to recommend They understand the value of no deposit poker and offer industry’s best free poker cash. That’s mean they can tell which site you need to sign up to get top cash. They are 100% safe and reviews by top poker professional. So take the advantage of all the no deposit poker bonus available to you.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

How To Adjust To Different Flops In Poker Tournaments

When playing poker you will face flops with different textures. We already know that we are supposed to go to the flop being the aggressor in a hand, so we will talk about different flop situations in Texas Holdem and how to handle them as the aggressor.  

Wet flops

If we missed a wet flop, we should not fire a continuation bet too often. In a flop like Jh-Th-8s, our opponent/s will have a made hand and/or a draw very often so it’s unlikely to get a fold.

On the other hand, when we flop something, we should be betting big to put a high price for speculative hands like a flush draw.  

Dry flops

Dry flops should be played in a whole different way than wet flops. Why? Mainly because our opponent/s would have missed the flop very often.

Therefore, we should be betting with a high frequency when we miss the flop. The sizing can be small, given that there are not draws in a board such as Jc-3d-3h and many hands will fold the same amount of time against a 40%-pot bet as to a 70%-pot bet.

On the other hand, if we flop something big, such as having Ac-Kd in a Ks-7d-3c flop, we might consider slow-playing our hand to give our opponent a chance to hit something on the turn and/or river. However, avoid slow-playing when many turn/river cards can hurt your hand, for example if you hold Ts-9s on a 9c-5h-2d flop.

Ace-high flops

An Ace-high flop is always good to make a continuation bet because, whether or not we have an Ace, there are many of them in our range so we will get many folds. Sometimes, we can check our top pair in certain flops, however remember to balance your range between bluffing and value betting or your opponent/s will easily read you in future hands.

King-high flops work in a similar way, however expect to get less folds on a K-2-2 board than on A-2-2.  

Playing against multiple opponents

Remember that 2 main things occur when playing a flop against 2 or more opponents:

a) The value of your hand shrinks, because somebody will have something that beats you more often than on a heads-up flop.
 b) Your bluffs will not work very often, because somebody is likely to hit any flop more often than a single opponent will.