Saturday, May 17, 2008

Three Card Poker

The three card poker is a very popular casino game that has caught the attention of many players. Aside from it is just simple and easy to follow, it is also an exciting game that makes people interested in playing it. Compared to the usual poker game, three card poker allows you to take a stab at two separate games in just one round that gives you the opportunity to win bigger pot money. A player may opt to take up both or either the Pair Plus and Anti bet but it still depends upon the rule of the game.

A regular deck is utilized by three card poker. Three betting circles are being displayed at the poker table. These are for the players. The Pair plus is shown at the topmost circle. On the other hand, the two circles below displays both Ante and Pair. This is just the regular form or layout for a three card poker table.

Each player will have to put their bets for Pair Plus and Ante Play circles. Sometimes, there is a requirement for players to bet on Ante before they could make a bet for Pair Plus circle. If a player would want to, he or she can just bet only on Ante Play instead of betting on Pair Plus. The dealing of three cards for each player will be started by the dealer. The player on the left side will then start the betting and will follow the clockwise rotation up until the right side gets his turn and does his move. The decision to fold the ante bet where a player loses or raise it by betting the same amount to his ante bet will depend upon the player.

From strongest to weakest, the hand rankings are straight flush, 3 of a kind, straight, flush, pair or two of any kind, and lastly, the high card. The dealer will then reveal his hand which will tell the pay outcome for every player.


laplace said...

Actually I dont know anything about three card poker.. But your narration of three card poker game is nice and make to understand clearly.. thankx.. Soon I too become master of three card poker...

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