Sunday, May 25, 2008


Pocket aces are called in such a way because a pair of aces is hidden or concealed. There is a possible 169 hands in this game and the pocket aces in Texas Hold’em Poker is the best. If you would not play it correctly, you might not get the victory that you want.

Below are the steps in playing pocket aces in Texas Hold’em poker:

· POKER FACE: In a normal game of poker, players should remember that a poker face is necessary. Do not react if you get a good card or not. That means, you just have to stay neutral. Never show them that you are happy or sad by laughing or frowning too much. You can then conceal the pocket aces if you have them.

· BETTING: Be wise when it comes to betting. Do not raise your pre-flop. Just raise by a small amount and never give all in.

· CALL: Call them if they go all in preflop. A professional plays this way in order to get their money back.

· FLOP READING: The following are the styles of play according to the situation: K-10-J are the high cards. If you encountered these cards, raise up to 10. Just be attentive with the players who give all in because it might be a straight. The triple are the cards A-6-10. When you have these, raise just a small amount on anything. A quick straight is the 5-7-6 cards. This time, you have to be aware that the situation is not on a good condition. The best thing to do is to call. When you got the 4-8-2, just give just a small raise. You just have to call when you got K-K-Q.

· NO DANGER? RAISE THE FLOP: If there is no danger, you can raise your flop. But you have to be aware of those who have small raise.

· RIVER READING: If your condition is good, just raise the flop.

· REACTION: Do not show your reaction to other players. If you win, you win. If otherwise happened, do not say anything still. Be sports.