Friday, May 16, 2008

Pai Gow Poker

Pai Gow Poker is not extremely different form the typical poker we used to play. It is a combination of American-style poker and the game of Chinese dominos named Pai Gow. The only difference that can be noted in this game is that it uses a regular deck that consists of 52 cards plus a joker. The joker makes the game more challenging than the usual poker game.

Players have to beat only the banker in this game. The banker has to cover all the bets of the six payers by betting enough money. The house or the casino often plays the role of the banker. Players can have the opportunity to become the banker. On the other hand, a player can still decline this opportunity but it has to be kept in mind that there are lots of advantages if you are the banker.

This poker is played around a table that can accommodate the dealer and the six players as well. The dealer will make seven stacks of seven cards and will not include the four remaining cards after the 53-card deck is shuffled. Before the dealer could determine who gets the first hand, the players have to make bets. After the first hand, the rotation will be in a counterclockwise motion to deal the remaining hands to players.

A player should set the received cards in two hands; five cards and two cards respectively. The rule states that the five-card should have a higher ranking than the two-card. If it is not, then it is considered foul. Players have to place their two hands face down, positioning the two-card near the dealer and the other cards at the bottom. The banker’s cards will then be turned face up by the dealer to allow the banker to set his own hands. The player will then compare their cards, both two and five to the banker’s cards.

A player who beats the card ok the banker will be declared the winner and will get the equal amount that he bet.