Thursday, May 15, 2008

Four Card Poker Game

Under the ownership of Shuffle Master, Roger Snow developed the Four Card Poker game. It is as exciting as the three-card poker. The two poker variants are almost similar to this but there is also enough comparison to differentiate the two.

The five-card hand which is most common is not used in this game. Four cards are required here. Four of a kind is placed at the top of the hand rankings. All four cards have the same value just like four nine’s. The second is the straight flush. This means four suited cards in a sequence. Three cards of the same value are indicated by three of a kind. 4 cards suited are called flush. The opposite of this is called straight which has varying suits. Two cards of the same value are two pairs. Two aces in the hand are indicated by pair of aces. High card is the last and has the highest value.

Just like the three card poker game, four card uses 52 cards on a table. Aces-up, Ante and 1-3x Ante are the labels of the betting circles. Among the five cards dealt, players have to get the best four card.

The beginning of the game will be the betting on the Ante circle. They can also bet for Aces Up or not. The same mount should be placed on both if the players decided to put wagers on those. Each player will be dealt five cards face down by the dealer. On the other hand, the dealer will have 6 cads, one face up, and will use these to get the best four card hand. Each player as well as he dealer will have to choose whether to fold or continually play but they have to remember the hand rankings for this game.

Four card poker gives you the opportunity to possibly win a payout twice even if the result of the other game was not good.