Wednesday, May 14, 2008


As everyone may know, poker is a game of not just skills but also luck. The ways to win this game is to have the highest hand and the best poker face among the players. These ways really requires, number one, luck and, the second, talent.

Before they start the game itself, they shall first agree on the maximum amount that they can bet. An ante shall be placed on the pot by each player before cards can be dealt. Every player’s bet on ante shall be equal to each other. The dealer will then deal the cards to each player from the one who is in his left until all players get their own cards. Cards that are left undistributed will be placed in the middle of the table. Opening, seeing, checking, raising, folding, and a lot of bluffing will follow.

The strongest hand to the weakest hand is as follow:
• Royal Flush
• Straight Flush
• 4 of a Kind
• Full house
• Flush
• Three of a Kind
• Two Pair
• Pair
• High Card

Bluffing is the most important aspect of poker but it is not given enough attention. It means making others believe that you have a better hand even if you really do not. Just keep a poker face by not giving away clues to your opponents by your eye movements, facial expressions, etc.

You have to be an experienced bluffer if you want to master the game yet having no enough riches to shell out. Luck should not always be the basis o the game. You must have the strategy and the guts of trying the game even if you think you cannot give much money and wants to get more from it.