Monday, January 11, 2010

All You Wanted To Know About High Stakes Poker

High Stakes Poker is a television program involving high stakes of cash in the poker game. The cable TV network of GSN broadcasts this novel program across the US. The type of poker game played on this show is the no limit Texas hold ‘em kind and as of now, the television series has finished the fifth season.

A brief history
The very first season of this high profile game of high stakes poker was taped in Las Vegas in the Golden Nugget. The show was first broadcast during January of 2006 and comprised 13 episodes. The show was hosted by the comedian turned poker professional Gabriel Kaplan and A.J. Benza. The second season of high stakes poker comprised more episodes 16 in number and was taped at the exotic Palms. The third season was filmed inside South Point Casino and started being broadcast on January 15th of 2007. There were a couple of new poker players included in the third season and these included Phil Ivey, Jamie Gold, Patrik Antonius, Chris Ferguson, David Benyamine, Paul Wasicka, Brian Townsend etc. Of course, the poker players of the previous seasons were also there in the third season.

The best hands
The season five of high stakes poker showed some really neat hands being played amongst the poker players. One such poker player by the name of Tom Dwan earned a massive pot totalling 919,600 USD against Barry Greenstein. Whilst earlier seasons such as the season 2 where Gus Hansen got 575,700 USD along with four different fives beating Daniel Negreanu, were historic moments on the show. During the episode aired on 12th November of 2007, Patrik Antonius won a massive pot of 743,800 USD against Jamie Gold. One of the biggest pots in the show high stakes poker has to be the one between Antonius and the other poker player Sammy Farha. This pot totalled 998,800 USD and was aired on 26th November of 2007. Antonius decided to go all in once the flop was over and Farha decided to call. Whilst the odds were quite even, Antonius won.

Successful bluffs
High stakes poker has seen many instances of bluffing, some amasing and some gone terribly wrong. The most successful bluff happened during the third season of the poker show and happened with Brad Booth bluffing Phil Ivey with King of Hearts and King of Diamonds. The flop soon followed and Ivey soon bet followed by Booth raising to 300,000 USD. This was when Ivey folded and Brad won. However, in the series of bluffs, which happened off and on in the high stakes poker shows, the most unsuccessful one happened between two amateurs Brian Brandon and Antonio Salorio. This bluff went all the way to raised flop with 7-2o as well as K-K in succession. As Brandon flopped the best hand, Salorio continued betting and lost over a 100,000 USD and finally gave up.

High stakes poker is an amasing poker show which every poker enthusiast should watch.


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