Sunday, January 17, 2010

2010 WSOP Main Event Prizes Available Through Titan Poker World Challenge

Titan Poker is interested in any big major poker tournament that usually holds a large European continent. The Main Event at the World Series of Poker certainly falls under that banner and that is why Titan Poker is getting a jump on the competition by offering five prize packages for the 2010 WSOP in this early series of promotional tournaments.

It’s called the Titan Poker World Challenge and it will see the best from each country face off against each other until only five people remain. Those five, ostensibly the cream of the Titan Poker crop, will then represent Titan Poker as members of the team that they send to the 2010 Main Event.

The tournaments have already started, but due to the large number of them it is still possible for you to get in on the action and show the world what kind of skill you have. They are broken down based on geography and that means that people from the same country and the same region will face off against each other multiple times in order to see who rises to the top. In total, there are 18 weeks of tournaments to play, each of which will contribute to the overall leader board that Titan Poker will have for each country.

The winner of each region and country at the end of those 18 weeks will then go through a final 8-round tournament flurry at which point the top five players will become readily apparent. Those five players will then receive $13,000 prize packages to go to the 2010 WSOP. Those packages include airfare and accommodations in Las Vegas as well as the $10,000 Main Event buy-in.

Because of the gruelling nature of this tournament and the fact that it lasts more than 18 weeks, we won’t know who these five players are until April. If you want to be one of them however, you need to get started now. After all, you can’t claim to be the best in your country unless you can prove it over an extended period of time.


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