Monday, May 5, 2008

World Crown Poker - is a live poker tournament that will be held on May 8 in Barcelona, one of the biggest online gambling companies, decided to give all poker players around the world the chance to win millions of dollars.

While this is mostly an online poker tournament, the 888 WPC final event will take place at a casino as a live poker event. The final 10 players that reach the final stage of the online tournament will be invited to play in this exclusive event (which will be broadcast live on TV) and win the big prize (guaranteed total prizes of $3 million and a guaranteed first prize of $1 million!).

This huge prize is for anyone to take. The World Poker Crown Final Event at Perlada Castle in Barcelona, Spain between May 6th to May 10th will be broadcast live on television and the internet.

As mentioned above, you could watch the live tournament on the internet at: and vote for who you think will win. The viewers will get a chance to win a $17K package to the WSOP (World Series of Poker - another live poker event that will take place in Las Vegas later on - these are two separate events).

In addition, there will be three events during the broadcast:

Pre-event: all you need to do is to vote. All players who voted until the event started are eligible to play an online tournament that will start 3 hours later, giving the winner 1 WSOP package ($17K).
The WPC - World Crown Poker - is a live poker tournament that will be held on May 8 in Barcelona (see further details bellow).

During the event: freerolls in the 888 forum for all members who post their user name, prizes are tickets to your WSOP qualifiers ($550).

Post-event: another online tournament will be held, this time awarding

3 WSOP packages (3x$17K). This is open only to those who guessed / placed their bet on the player who actually won the WPC.

Another slogan - Vote now to win a free WSOP $17,000 package!

If you need further information you can go to: