Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Texas Hold'em Tournament

For someone who really loves poker, nothing beats the thrill of playing in a hard fought game against a bunch of great players and coming out on top. Not only is the money good but so is the feeling that comes along with besting a group of great players. But even this can get boring after a while and so what does one do then? Find a tournament to play in.

A person can find a good tournament to play in just about anywhere. Most towns will have these types of events at local clubs and bars. Some areas are even lucky enough to have their own card room where a person can easily find a tournament any week.

But if you aren’t the type that likes to play online poker against a big group of people, then you can easily find a Texas Hold’em tournament on the Internet. There are many card rooms like BetUS that constantly offer these types of poker tourneys and all you have to do is search for them.

You will find that a tournament is held in many different types of formats as well. Some involve hundreds of people while others only have a handful of people playing in their room. And the amount of money to get into a tournament varies as well. Some will charge a big entry fee to get into and offer a big prize while others may have a small entry fee but a small prize for the winner as well.

Whatever type of tournaments you choose to get into depends on your interests though. But the point is that it serves as a nice change of pace for people who want to get away from the cut and dried format of typical poker.


UK Poker Pro said...

You are dead on with this posting about playing tournaments. I found my game getting a little boring last year, until I tried out some great freezeout and satellite tournaments. Now I'm hooked and loving the game more than ever. Thanks for the post!

Peter said...

You guys should try Littlewoods Poker. I've been playing there for a few weeks now and there are a lot of fish. Especially if you like playing a omaha poker game as lots of the players seem to try it but don't really know what they are doing.