Monday, April 21, 2008

Wilbur Futhey Wins WSOP-C Caesars Indiana

This week poker players from around the country came together at the Caesars Indiana to fight for the $180,289, the $10,000 buy in that will get them to the Main Event at the World Series of Poker, a WSOP Circuit diamond and gold ring, and $1,000 to spend in the event. The first day was exciting and as we entered the second day we couldn’t help but notice that Robert Cheung – the bracelet winner of the WSOP – had taken the chip lead and was working hard to stay there.

Some of the first to be eliminated early in the second day were James McKinney, Bill Johnson, and Beth Shak. Shak lost all her chips when she went up against Jerry Martin. She started off with a (10-Hearts)(10-Clubs) against his (9-Clubs) (9-Diamonds) - giving her the lead. She lost her hand when the flop gave a (9-Spades) to Martin and sent Shak to the sidelines.

Robert Cheung took out John Ferguson with an A-K against Ferguson’s A-10. Afterwards we watched as Dave Costain was taken out by Philip Sparta when his K-Q turned out to be no match for Sparta’s pocket eights.

There were many more eliminations throughout the day – but none was tenser than the battle between Steve Merrifield and Robert Cheung. Robert Cheung was the chip leader throughout the day – but he lost his footing when he went all in during the pre-flop with only a J-7. Steve Merrifield called with his A-J. Unfortunately for Cheung there was no help to be found on the board and he was sent to the sidelines to receive his $8,093 for the tournament.

Michael Iacovone went up against Dale Poynter and Benjamin Hock not long after the final table had been set. Iacovone went all in with a (Q-Hearts)(5-Hearts). The turn revealed (10-Hearts)(2-Clubs)(A-Spades)(9-Hearts) - which inspired Poytner to bet and Hock to fold. Poytner showed off his (A-Diamonds)(9-Hearts) to give him a two pair. On the river a (10-Clubs) was revealed – which didn’t serve to help either player. Iacovone found himself in deep water and was eliminated.

The next one to go was Jerry Martin when he went all in during the pre-flop with his (A-Clubs)(Q-Diamonds). Both Jason Mann and Merrifield called and the board revealed (J-Hearts)(K-Diamonds)(9-Hearts)(9-Diamonds)(Q-Hearts). Mann took the pot with his (K-Hearts)(10-Diamonds) for a straight. Martin was eliminated.

As the game slowly drew to a close we saw the elimination of Benjamin Hock, Doug “Rico” Carli, and Poytner. One by one as the players were eliminated we saw that the battle would be between Steve Merrifield and Wilbur Futey.

In the final hand Futey re-raised and went all in during the pre-flop with his (A-Clubs)(K-Spades). Merrifield made the decision to call with an (A-Spades)(10-Clubs). When the flop revealed a (6-Spades)(Q-Clubs)(Q-Spades) it was obvious that it would be hard for Merrifield to get himself back on top. Things looked up for Merrifield with a (10-Hearts) was revealed on the turn. However, this was quickly taken away when the river revealed a (J-Clubs) and gave Futhey a Broadway straight and the win. Futhey won the $180,289 grand prize as well as a $10,000 buy-in to the WSOP Main Event.