Sunday, April 27, 2008

Day 1 Of The Poker News Cup Austria

The first day of the Poker News Cup Austria was filled with excitement and many familiar faces. It is always fun to see which famous poker stars will compete and this tournament was no different. Not only did we catch glimpses of some of the best stars but we also caught a peek at some of the qualifiers from Poker Stars, CD Poker, T6 Poker, Duplicate Poker, Titan Poker, and Full Tilt Poker.

T6 Poker had the largest amount of qualifiers that included Henrik Gwinner, Mel Judah, Anthony Chatelain, and Woody Deck. The total amount of players 135 making the prize a total of €120,600

One of the first to be eliminated was Torben Hubert - the founder of T6 Poker. He was able to grab hold of some chips early in the day - which allowed him to participate in the cash games. Not long after he was joined by Mel Judah and Woody Deck (others from T6.

We especially noticed the elimination of Judah. He went all in during the pre-flop while in a special coin flip against another fellow T6 Poker player - Henrik Gwinner and his pocket queens. The flop gave Judah a top pair - but when the river came it supplied Gwinner with his two-outer that he needed to push Judah to the sidelines.

Gwinner was impressing us all with his aggressive strategy. By the end of the day he was the noticeable chip leader. Gwinner spent the whole day playing hard and winning big while at the same trying to take out some of the best poker pros at the table. After busting Judah out of the game he went face to face with Henric Bjornstrom.

Bjornstrom started off by moving in above Gwinner with a pair of sixes. Gwinner decided to call with a Kd-Qc. The river revealed enough to help Gwinner secure the win for that round. The two went up against each other many times during the day - but they both managed to end the day in the top ten chip stacks.

Others who were able to finish the first day and make it to the second were Rikard Aberg from Poker News, Anthony Chatelain and Anders Henriksson from T6 Poker. Out of the 135 players that began the day only 90 players were left.