Monday, March 17, 2008

What are some tips you can give to win at texas holdem consistently?

Answer A:
play slow, trust your cards (don't get too involved in wondering what the other person has) if your at a home game, play only the hands you think you can win. Don't limp in with King, 9 or anything like that. Wait until you have two cards then play. If you play slow in a home game you will almost always make it to the last 3.

Answer B:
1. It takes a ton of patience to wait for good hands. Are you willing to sit there and wait for good cards?
2. Don't play junk. They can't beat you if you are not in the hand you shouldn't be in.
3. Throw away at the flop if you don't have at least top pair, top high cards, four to a flush or four to a straight.
4. It's aggravating to see poor players keep winning. If you get aggravated easily, this is not the game for you.


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