Saturday, March 15, 2008

Dan Pedersen Leads At The End Of The First Day Of EPT Polish Open

The first day at the European Poker Tour Polish Open was full of some of the best poker stars than we have seen in a long time. Luca Pagano along with his pal and former world Champion Greg Raymer made an appearance. On the floor were also European tournament stars Thor Hansen, Dave ‘El Blondie, Pascal Perrault, Colclough, and Thomas Wahlroos. They all met up at the Hyatt Regency in Warsaw to battle it out.

The amount of players to the EPT Polish Open started off with more people than what we saw last year. Around 359 players compared to the 284 made for a long – but exciting first day as everyone worked their best strategies in hopes to reach the top prize.

We were surprised to see that Raymer was one of the first stars to experience a bit of trouble early on in the day. It was around the end of leel 2 that he found himself in big trouble and with no way out. He had a pocket of tens in a pot that went three ways. The flop was laid down to reveal (2-Spades)(9-Spades)(8-Clubs) - which allowed the player in the cutoff to fire at the flop. Raymer raised in return. Simone Rossi decided to re-raise by going all in – which caused the cutoff to fold and Raymer to call. Raymer laid down his overpair and Rossi revealed pocket eights. When the turn was laid on the table it revealed a (5-Spades). This card gave Raymer a flush draw coupled with his (10-Spades). Unfortunately when the river revealed a (A-Hearts) it gave Rossi a chance to double up and crippled Raymer against the rest of the game. After a few hands in level 3 Raymer was eliminated.

It didn’t take long for Raymer’s pal – Luca Pagano – to join him on the sidelines along with Rolf Slotbloom, Colclough, and Thor Hansen. Things were slow until Sorel Mizzi ran into a few tight situations. His first encounter was with Melek Ertas’. It was his (A-Spades)(Q-Hearts) against Ertas’ pocket kings. Things didn’t improve for him throughout the round and he found himself crippled. The next hand Mizzi went all in with (A-Clubs)(3-Hearts) against a pocket fives that his opponent was holding. Mizze was eliminated after the board revealed K-high.

Andy Black was one of the strongest chip leaders through much of the day. He slowly picked his way through the game and won many hands. After dinner was over he continued to win more chips and was able to double his stack – securing him a top ten spot for the end of the day.

However, it was Dan Pedersen that took complete control and held the lead for the end of the day chip stack. Earlier in the day he gathered over 100,000 chips. He lost some of it before the end of the day – but still managed to stay in the lead. Mel Judah, Johnny Lodden, Liz Lieu, and Thierry van den Berg also were able to make it to the top ten chip counts.

End Of The Day Top Ten Chip Counts:

Dan B. Pedersen — 98,500
Michael Schulze — 87,900
Keith Donais — 76,200
Hecham El Sayed — 66,700
David Robinson — 55,800
Theo Jorgensen — 50,300
Henrik Gwinner — 48,500
Dennis Petronack — 48,100
Sebastian Ruthenberg — 45,100
Andy Black — 42,400