Saturday, February 23, 2008

The European Poker Tour In Copenhagen Day 2

Day two of the PokerStars European Poker Tour proved to be as an exciting day. The day started with 170 players, it is nice to see some top players still there, Luca Pagano, Thor Hansen, Noah Boeken, and Alex Kraychenko were all some of the top players left.

Nicolas Levi was the first one to make a crazy move early in the day went all in with Kh Jh, other person called with Ah Qh, and unfortunately Levi lost the pot and out of the tournament. There few other early elimination were Boatman, Hansen, Boeken, and Mattern.

Jonas ‘Nebuchad’ Danielsson had some little chips was holding 8c 2s, and went all in, Timothy Vance called with Ah Qs and flop was 10h 8h 9c, Turn came 3h and river Jh, give Timothy Vance staright flush and won the pot.

Day 2 ended with Rasmus Hede Nielsen as the chip leader. Right after him in second place was Joris Jaspers who had a very close lead. Below you can view the top ten chip leaders.

Rasmus Hede Nielsen — 295,500
Joris Jaspers — 294,800
Johan Lund — 290,500
Patrik Andersson — 268,500
Jospeh Serock — 265,000
Jan Sørensen — 173,500
Ed de Haas — 167,500
Timothy Vance — 154,000
Peter Eastgate — 154,000
Trond Erik Eidsvig — 149,500