Friday, February 22, 2008

Day 1 Of The European Poker Tour In Copenhagen

The first day of the European Poker tour was being held in Copenhagen was an pretty exciting day with some top poker players included Mel Judah, Daniel Negreanu, Gus Hansen. We are also lucky to see Sander Lyloff - the EPT Barcelona champion and also Annette Obrestad - the world Series of Poker Europe Main event Champion.

At the beginning of the day, there were about 230 players standing end of the day it was 170 player who remain. Mizzi was one of the first elimination followed by Dario Minieri, Nicolas Jedlicka and ElkY Grospellier - the Champion of the Poker stars Caribbean Adventure. all these top players were out in first few levels of the game.

Things are really started to heat up when Runar Runarsson & Annette Obrestad went head to head. After Obrestad Raised pre flop Runar decided to re-raised, and Obrestad called. The flop was Kc 4s 2c and Runarsson decided bet, Obrestad called and Turn was 4d. Runarsson bet once more, and Runarsson called once more. then the river card was 6s, and Runarsson go All in, Obrestad took a while thinking but called. and Runarsson shows AK, and take the pot, and knock out Obrestad from the tournament.

It was great first day play, Chip Lead At The End Of The Day:

Ola Brandborn – 80,000
Joseph Serock – 55,000
Peter Eastgate – 53,000
Martin Bjerring Hansen – 52,000
Frederik Brink Jensen – 44,000
Trond Eidsvig – 40,000
Tommy Pavlicek – 36,000
Dennis Hansen – 27,000
Noah Boeken – 24,000
Alex Kravchenko – 23,000