Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Royal Vegas Casino

This solid Web site attempts to bring the best of Las Vegas experiences to the online community, offering real money accounts in three currencies (United States dollars, Euros and Pounds Sterling). Of course, Royal Vegas Casino offers all the traditional casino games with secure gaming that features nice graphics.

Royal Vegas Casino is part of the Fortune Lounge Group, which offers Web-based casino action in numerous locations. As with most of the popular casino sites, with Royal Vegas Casino it’s relatively easy to start playing, because the site offers both a “lite” version that can be enjoyed immediately, or the full download version that takes a couple of extra minutes. This latter choice offers a range of additional games not available with the immediate version.

The instructions for getting the full-version to the home computer are outlined in a step-by-step method, beginning with the choice of U.S. dollars, Euros or Pounds Sterling. The Web designers and casino managers are quick to point out that the choice of money does not affect the casino experience in any way. Games are available in every currency. In fact, those who choose to play on the full, real-money version have a choice of more than 170 casino games on the menu.

The version called “Play For Fun” offers a slightly smaller selection of casino games that is also downloaded to the home computer. Again, Royal Vegas Casino allows recreational players to start immediately because they are not establishing a money account.

The “lite” version of Royal Vegas Casino is not downloaded, of course, but can be played in a Flash version. The selection of games is more limited with the Flash version, so some players may want to look into downloading the full version.

As with all top-line casino Web sites, Royal Vegas Casino is quite secure, and according to all the regulations, protects the information provided by individual players. If information is provided to a third party by Royal Vegas Casino, it is because the player has agreed to allow it. One of the great things about the better online sites is the option to put real money into an account using several methods.
Some major credit card companies don’t allow the transfer of money to an online account, of course, so Royal Vegas Casino also offers what they call Alternative Purchase Methods. Most online players will be quite familiar with these options, in which a third-party such as NETeller or Click2Pay holds the funds that are moved to the casino account. Royal Vegas Casino provides simple instructions for this step.

For those who are establishing an account with Royal Vegas Casino for the first time – make sure to check into the bonus deposits available from some of the Alternative Purchased Methods. Some of these companies offer an additional 10 percent of the amount placed into the casino account.

Those not completely familiar with casino play might want to take a look at the Fortune Lounge Casino School, which can be accessed directly from the Royal Vegas Casino home page. Most of the major games, such as Roulette, Craps, Keno, Baccarat and Blackjack are on the menu. New players may also want to study the information about slots and tournaments on the “school” site. The Casino School menu also offers news about Fortune Lounge and Royal Vegas Casino, as well as instructions on how to play Video Poker successfully. The site also has an “International Slots League” connection.

Royal Vegas Casino offers an additional $100 bonus for new accounts.Foe more casino reviews and player information please go to Casino Veritas


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