Friday, December 21, 2007

Did I hear them say “A Wii for free?!!”

For a poker fanatic who would do anything on earth to get a Nintendo Wii, this page made me pinch myself in disbelief! Oh, I have been through all the usual web sites. Many offers free download for their software. Admittedly, all these offers are good, but the one I saw just now made me crane my neck and read everything on free nintendo wii.

The world seems to be divided into two types of people, the ones who love Wii and the ones who are going to fall in love with Wii. Are you Curious? Well, Wii is the new revolution among gaming consoles. It is one of the hottest gadgets in demand and if you own one, not only will you enjoy gaming but also showing off your Wii! Wii-crazy people like me will tell you that this gaming console would be the best gift for New Year!

When I saw the offer free nintendo wii, it seemed like Santa had heard my prayer! I love playing poker and I have been to the best sites. But this somehow seemed tempting because all you need to do is play a free online poker game and win. The rest is easy; get your brand new Wii free! Together with some cool games, 2 controllers and nunchuks, well the whole package! It’s a freeroll offer. Even if you are new to poker, the basics aren’t too tough to master in a little while, so you could try your luck.

Actually, I don’t want to increase the competition by talking too much about’s win Wii promotion. But I’m helpless. This news is too good to keep quiet about! Of course, there is the catch. The competition increases as more people sign up (because people like me couldn’t keep their mouths shut!) but the good news is that the password isn’t freely distributed. For fanatics like me, the compulsory rule about subscribing to an additional RSS feed is no big deal and no gate crashing. Free rollers are banned! You have to download the entire software to sign up for an account. Easy, if you play poker, you wouldn’t mind signing up. But the good thing is the tournament is free and you need not make any deposit.

This might have been just another free poker tournament. But the elusive and superb Wii has made me decide to play! Just imagine what a gift that would make!