Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Why rakeback is better than any signup bonus

There are many great poker sites on the internet and most of these sites offer a very familiar perk that many players are familiar with, the sign up bonus. However, there are better reasons to join any particular website than merely the signup bonus and this depends primarily on the reason that the player wants to play poker in the first place. If a player is looking to play online quite a bit, and wants their rewards to reflect their hard work, a good rakeback-deal is a way to achieve the financial (winnings) goals that they have set for themselves. While a hefty signup bonus to get a player started is always a good thing, a player that is in it for the long haul is much better off looking for a good rakeback-deal, or rakeback program.
Rakeback is a beast that thrives primarily on Internet Poker sites, and not in traditional, brick and mortar, Poker rooms. The reason for this is that it is much easier to track any individual online Poker site’s player than in a traditional card room and provide them with the rakeback that they have earned over the course of their game play.

While it may appear on first glance that a large sign up bonus is the way to go, a player that is planning on spending some time on that site is much better served by getting a rakeback. The amount that a Rakeback accrues is based on several variables; the amount that the casino offers as a rakeback, the amount that the player plays, and the amount that the player wagers during any particular game.
Rakeback is a benefit that compounds as the player progresses and can be thought of as a longer term investment than a quick bonus at the beginning. If a player is seeking immediate gratification then this may not be the answer that they are looking for, however, if a player is willing to spend the time that it takes, the amount offered to a player who gets rakeback can make a sign up bonus look like chump change.


criean said...

Poker sites take something out of every pot played and this is what we call "rake". In most cases it is capped at $3. If there are 10 players in a game and the rake is $3 then every player has paid $0.30c in rake for that hand. This is how they make a lot of money out of players and is why they compete against each other for a larger portion on the market.

Can I receive Rake Back at a site where I have an existing account?


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