Monday, September 10, 2007

Poker is still on fire

There are many ways in which poker can be played and new ones are being invented all the time. Poker is on fire, its popularity fanned by a combination of television,technology and, for some, the allure of big money. All over the world people starts playing poker and casino, especially in US and in Scandinavia. Read more about poker and casino in Denmark and Scandinavia here: Casino and Poker. (The pokerroom Party Poker is for instance extremely popular in Scandinavia)
Many casinos who did not offer poker before now hold tournaments. And retail sales of poker related items has surged as well. Poker was only introduced approximately 200 years ago. Yet, particularly in
America, its terminology permeates the culture. It is used even by people who have never shuffled a deck of card.

The status of the outlaw has been today replaced by celebrity status of the poker player. Also technology has taken things further and poker hands are no longer dealt by professional cheats who manipulate the deck but more often by software programs that connect millions of players across the globe.