Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Micro Stakes Poker

The game of poker provides a lot of thrill and entertainment. It’s a game that has gained a lot of traction, thanks in part to the series of competitions that have erupted. The proliferation of online casinos where the game can be played has also played a catalytic role in making the game accessible to the masses. Poker is a high-risk, high reward game. Without enough experience under your belt, the risk greatly outweighs whatever rewards you can get. The right way to start is with micro stakes poker.

Micro stakes poker might have the lowest standing in poker, but it provides the right foundation for those who want to grow their skills. The micro stakes are easy to beat, and since most players are inexperienced, your chances of profiting are very solid. For most beginners, the logical approach is to play as many pots as possible. It makes sense, since the more tables you play the higher your chances of winning. But this approach is far from the right one.

It is important to have some strategy when playing micro stakes poker. If you wish to advance, you should first accept the fact that you have to play fewer tables. Concentrating on one table at a time will help you make higher quality decisions. It will help you learn among other things, your emotional responses and the ideal moments to either play a hand, or fold.

One great strategy is to bet your strongest hands, and check and fold your weak ones. Take initiative by being the player who makes the bets, instead of playing the passive, calling role. Become position oriented, as it allows you to act last. Bluffing does not work as effectively in micro stakes as too many players call too many bets.

There are some effective tips that you can take to heart to become better at micro stakes poker. Choose your table and seats wisely. Ensure you play a minimum number of tables. Reducing them will not affect your win rate as greatly as you think. When your starting hand is issued, be quick to gain the initiative.

Even if you are not the first player at the pot, re-raise when you intend to play your hand. Try to get as close as possible to the best position in poker. The closer you are to this dealer button, the better. If you aren’t, you should rely on the strength of your hand. Bet aggressively when you have got a very good hand. Every so often though, be willing to fold your strong hand when raised. While bluffing is generally ineffective in these micro stakes, there are moments when it can be used advantageously.

It is important to continually improve your skill. Take advantage of whatever instructional manuals you can get your hands on. This is the only way you can grow into a worthy poker player.