Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A Beginner’s Survival Guides to a Multi-Day Tourney

Gone are the days where poker tournaments can last for a day. Nowadays, there are multiple day poker tourneys that are very structured. The World Series equivalent of poker is about to happen and for some it a great opportunity to get exposed. This article provides information on how one can survive such an event.

Poker events must be well structured if one is to hone their skills and excel in practice. On the other hand, if you are as good as you think, a tourney is the best place to prove your mettle as a player. As you realize your skill edge, you stay away from risky gambles in tourney or a large stack. The reason is losing this gamble might limit you from seizing advantages that some profitable spots in the future might offer.

Stay out of trouble

Try and avoid some spots that tough decision has to be made. The reason is that people who are down to their last chips might end up losing them in Texas Hold’em when they are playing against professionals. One rule you should be adhere to is to never call in a large bet if you are not comfortable with it. However, if you are feeling lucky; raise. If not, do yourself a ‘favour’ and fold.

One should use call when they feel that the future choices they make will be very easy. The reason is that there might be possibilities of getting dealt a good hand are high. One can opt to fold if their hand doesn’t improve.

When it comes to opponents your greatest asset is the ability to read them. For instance, when you are dealing with an aggressive player, you can continue comfortably because his or her tells usually give him away when is bluffing. When dealing with a straightforward player, you can fold easily when he or she chooses to raise the bets again. If you have the ability to anticipate the right odds and all other factors, then you will be in a better position to make big bets.

When you can forecast a very tough decision in future, you can fold and get out as early as you can before your losses become grave. While it seems like a bad idea when you have a small, look at the bigger picture and see a substantial loss in a big pot.

In a tournament, it a good idea to stay focused and vigilant especially when it comes to making calls. It is all about timing. Always calculate according to the circumstance and the players. Know when to bluff, when to ‘raise’ and when to fold based on the cards you have and the reads you can get from the guys on the table. Plus knowing when to call it quits is a necessary skill you have to muster up.

When folding, one should not wait for the situation to get worse if the pot at stake is slightly profitable. One should not make folds that could end up costing you equity.

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