Friday, May 6, 2011

PokerStars offices raided in Costa Rica

PokerBonusInfo has found that the Costa Rica offices from the world's biggest internet poker site, PokerStars, continues to be raided today by local government bodies, most probably regarding the the US States Department of Justice, although which has not yet been confirmed.

"PokerStars is constantly on the operate the world's biggest poker site, business as always," a PokerStars repetition published about the TwoPlusTwo Forum, both reassuring players and verifying the storyline. "It is a fact the OIJ is presently in the PokerStars Costa Rican office and it has sent employees home temporarily, but employees will have the ability to return inside a couple of hrs. PokerStars needs work revisit business as always quickly because this action was probably taken like a reaction to problems felt by other local companies within the same industry."

Initial gossips recommended the U.S. government was associated with the raid, but sources to date confirm just the participation of local government bodies. PokerStars had recently been permitting gamers to withdraw obligations, inside a separate agreement with U.S. government bodies. Not sure yet how what is the news will affect that situation.

As to the stage from the raid and also the participation from the Costa Rican government, most info here is speculation, though some convincing comments happen to be made recommending that government bodies fear the organization might not pay its employees. Unconfirmed reviews also claim that the CEREUS headquarters were raided, too. More info will be posted as soon as available on this issue.