Saturday, April 30, 2011

Despite US ban high-stakes action continues online

Many people on the market felt which without the existence of the Us all high-stakes poker players the nosebleed activity -especially at Complete Tilt Poker-might dry out quite a bit following your US online poker sites power down, but if anything the reverse has been true, using European high-stakes online poker player taking some shots in the nosebleeds now that the kind of Tom Dwan, Daniel ‘jungleman12” Cates and the other high-powered All of us players are out of the photo.

One such person who has had time to pocket a huge sum in the little while that Us all players happen to be banned via participating with Full Tilt Poker had been Jens “Ingenious89? Kyllönen, who handled a in close proximity to $1 million day time this past 7 days, erasing his / her entire The new year deficit in a single session!

Kyllönen required on a veritable murderer’s short period lineup on the $300/$600 tables, which includes high-stakes regulars Patrik Antoinius, Andreas “skjervoy” Torbergsen, and Gus Hansen, nonetheless it was Kyllönen who would come out because big safe bet after his or her 1,190 hand period that saw the Scandinavian online poker pro wallet an impressive $960k according to highstakesdb.

Most of Kyllönen profits came with the expense of Gus Hansen and the other high-stakes PLO regular “esvedra” which both slipped over $200k during the session. Because games advancement now that fulltilt poker no United states of america players, it will likely be interesting to find out how many players take photographs at the high-stakes tables.

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