Saturday, December 4, 2010

GPL and UB to Jointly Host Landmark Event

The Global Poker League is an interesting organization that has started to get together the concept of regular professional poker leagues in much the same way that organized sports work to this day. is of course a well known online poker site endorsed by Phil Hellmuth and Annie Duke. When you combine those two things, what you have at the end of the day is a UB franchise that is willing to host GPL events in order to drum up more interest in the overall competition.

The GPL events will be both team based and individually based on the UB server. At the time of writing, dozens of different teams had already signed up with locations in Canada, USA, Russia, Germany, Spain and even Afghanistan, showing the truly worldwide phenomenon that online poker has become.

In terms of individuals, GPL events have already had thousands of different signups with primarily males in their 20s making up the bulk of the entrants into the competition. There is much diversity to be had amongst the signups though and that is why both the GPL and are excited about all of the possibilities in store for this particular online poker event.

The way the system works is simple. There are three periods to the regular season, each of which is good for 50 days. Any player ending up in the top 50% of people playing in the season is a player that will make it to the playoffs. Players that are able to enter the sit and go tournaments and play well over many of them will therefore not only receive their share of the prize pool, but will also be able to go onto bigger and better things once the playoffs come along.

During the playoffs, money that has been taken from sit and go prize pools throughout the season will be up for grabs. Because three 50-day seasons will have been involved by that time, the prize pool will be quite exceptional and it will give players the chance to play for something significantly larger than they had been playing for up to that particular point in time. Overall, this definitely lays the groundwork for what will be an interesting time had by all.