Tuesday, September 28, 2010

World Poker Tour Festa al Lago big at Party Poker

The World Poker Tour Festa al Lago tournament is one of the more popular ones each year, partially because of the fact that it comes with an impressive prize pool that numbers in the seven or even eight figure range and partially because it is run at the Las Vegas Bellagio, one of the legendary casinos of the world.

Whatever the reason, people do seem to take an intense liking to this tournament and Party Poker has recognized that enough to run a series of new online poker promotions that deal with the Festa al Lago.

Players can start from the bottom playing for $2 or less in tournaments that allow them to go through different steps until they get into a qualifier that allows them to win a prize package by winning the tournament. In this way, it is possible for you to parlay nothing, $2 or $9 into a seat at the event and potentially a six-figure payday if you are able to get high enough in the final tournament rankings. Players going from the freeroll and $2 qualifiers can win their way into the $9 qualifier and from that point you have a chance of exactly 10% to get into a tournament that offers one of the prize packages.

If you’d prefer to skip all of that and just take a shot at the prize package right away, you can enter the daily satellite tournament that allows you to get in for $75 + $5. The same 10% number applies here to players that get directly to the full $700 + $50 satellite taking place each Sunday which awards at least one prize package per tournament.

Any players winning a prize package will be claiming a prize worth $14,000 in value. This includes not only the buy-in for the tournament which is worth $10,000 + $300, but also an extra $2000 to spend and seven nights at a luxury hotel in Las Vegas. Overall, it is one of the juicier prize packages offered by Party Poker and there is no reason why someone can’t parlay a single-digit buy-in into one of the biggest tournament stakes in history.