Sunday, November 15, 2009

Poker Stars Creates Third Big Sunday Tournament

Just in case anyone doubted the ability of Poker Stars to create new tournaments on a regular basis, they have come through with yet another monster tournament for their already impressive line up of Sunday tournaments.

The newest one is called the Turbo Takedown and it is good enough to offer a $1 million guaranteed prize pool. Furthermore, since the Turbo Takedown and the Sunday Million are scheduled to occur consecutively, players can actually play in both tournaments on the same day and have a crack at a total guaranteed prize pool of $2 million between those two particular tournaments.

The catch with the Turbo Takedown however is that you can’t get into the tournament with a cash buy-in. Instead, you have to collect Frequent Player Points (FPPs) through generating take and tournament registration fees at other events at Poker Stars. The buy-in for the Turbo Takedown is 3000 FPPs and of course it does occur every week so a player wanting to play in all of them will need to be quite busy during the week collecting the necessary FPPs to make their way into the tournament.

Of course, one point that is worth noting is that the direct 3000 FPP buy-in is not the only way for you to get into this tournament. Because Poker Stars cannot deny their nature, they will offer excellent satellite tournament opportunities that will allow them to populate the 25,000 player tournament every single week. The satellites naturally come with a much smaller buy-in attached so players wanting to get into the Turbo Takedown without paying the huge buy-in can always try their luck with a satellite tournament.

To sweeten the pot, Poker Stars has offered much more than the $1 million guaranteed prize pool in this tournament. There are going to be $100 bounties on each of the Poker Stars Pro players in the tournament and the player with the biggest cash at the end of the month will get a car or its cash equivalent as an added bonus prize. With this tournament, Poker Stars is definitely doling out the rewards.