Sunday, October 25, 2009

Texas Holdem Party is great for a Beer Party

Beer parties are all about having fun. A group of guys and gals get together and loose themselves to the entertainment which flows with the mood. And a great ingredient to be added to this confluence of at-home fun is Texas Hold-em poker. With chances to win and chances to loose, with nail biting moments and moments of victory roars poker is a spicy ingredient, great for any beer party.

The game can be given a lighter mood by making only light bets of pennies or maybe even beers. This may just avoid your friends from drooping into drunken sadness. Light bets give players a chance to enjoy, free from the worries of losing everything in their pockets. Just make every player put on colored paper caps and have them play with the smallest form of cash they can find in their pockets. Guys and gals can team up for cheering to make the affair more exciting.

What are beer parties just about guys and gals? No, they are also about the mood and the setting. It’s always to make the parties feel more jolly and with prizes to be won and decorations matching the poker mood. Maybe you could get some d├ęcor items to give your venue, the casino look or maybe the Texas look. Have hand lights, glow stick, caps, hats and other party stuff laid out. There is a lot of party material available at stores to make your party a big hit.

Music is definitely a great idea. Why an idea? Music is indeed a necessity. Western, country style music can create a great atmosphere for the party. And what’s a party without food. Have poker themed food. Stuff like Mexican fingers, sausage fingers, potato skins, Chile dips can make great theme foods. Clubbed with home made ice cream, pecan pralines, cheesecakes and varieties of beer poker parties can be fun.

Much about the setting, now let’s talk about the poker. You can give out chips to every player of a pre decided amount. Let them play with those chips and amass their winnings. At the end of the game, the winning players can exchange these chips for prizes. These prizes can be themed like Texan hats, badges, card packs, cups etc. As the people in the party are more and tend to be in couples, more fun is added by having teams playing against each other. You can divide the players into groups by calling out names or picking chits from a glass bowl. These teams can then compete for the winnings. Having the scores kept and the excitement maintained through the party all the things going together can make up for a party that moves around the game for hours.