Saturday, October 10, 2009

Pitbull Poker Shuts Down Strangely

For a long time now, there have been rumours circulating around the internet regarding the impending demise of Flash Poker Network site Pitbull Poker. Now, those rumours have been confirmed straight from the horse’s mouth.

Players attempting to log into their Pitbull Poker accounts will receive a message on their browser screen stating that Pitbull Poker has shut down. They will also receive instructions that cashing out can be done by sending an e-mail to

In a strange twist however, it appears as though Pitbull Poker has become an affiliate of several other online gaming sites. There are affiliate banners appearing for Poker Stars, Cake Poker and several other online gaming institutions. These affiliate banners presumably net Pitbull Poker money, especially since they will be seen by many people trying to get their money out of the insolvent Pitbull Poker website.

Why these banners are present is unknown at the moment, although there has been speculation that Pitbull Poker is attempting to use these affiliate links in order to get commissions that will allow them to pay out all of the requests for cashing out that they are likely to receive over the short term. However, some have suggested more sinister motives such as a desire for personal enrichment through this particular ploy. Either way, analysts agree that we must wait and see in order to understand exactly what Pitbull Poker is doing in terms of this strange type of affiliate marketing.

Pitbull Poker’s shutdown could have ramifications beyond the Pitbull Poker operation however. Their shutdown comes at a particularly bad time for the Flash Poker Network, the parent server for traffic for Pitbull Poker. The departure of this site leaves the network empty of any kind of recognizable and reputable sites. The problem has gotten so bad that Poker Scout, the leading online source of poker traffic information, has removed the Flash Poker Network from their list of online poker networks. Presumably, this was due to a lack of accurate reporting on the traffic numbers from the Flash Poker Network.

The upcoming days should be very interesting indeed as analysts follow the future of the Flash Poker Network and the affiliate marketing efforts of the remains of the Pitbull Poker operation.