Saturday, July 4, 2009

Tips for Setting up a Home Poker Game

One of the best ways for poker players to gain some playing experience is by setting up a home game and playing with friends and family. It shouldn’t be hard nowadays to find a few friends who enjoy playing poker as almost everyone plays the game. If you want to set-up a successful home poker game, then make sure you read through the tips below that I’ve compiled for you. If you’re able to set-up poker games at your house with friends, then it’s highly recommended as you will be able to learn a lot about the game by playing with friends since you’ll be more prone to showing each other your hands, after the hand is over.

• You want to ensure that you let everyone know ahead of time when the poker game will take place so that you can confirm everyone can make it to the game. It really doesn’t look very good on you if only a couple of your friends show up for the game because it isn’t very fun playing with just three players.

• Make sure that you have a proper table that can accommodate all of the players you have invited to play. Also make sure that you have enough chairs for each of the players so that nobody needs to stand as that wouldn’t be very good.

• You will need to have chips, but if you don’t have chips you can also use any alternative such as coins if you want. You just need to make sure you have something that you can use for chips so that you can play once everyone arrives.

• Having drinks and snacks is always a good idea if you’re going to be hosting a home poker game with friends. Make sure that you keep the snacks to a minimum around the poker table though and ensure none of the foods can damage the cards.

• If you and your friends decide that you’re going to play for real money make sure that you all decide on a reasonable amount to play for. You don’t want to have your friends lose to much money in a single night playing poker because you’ll find the night could turn from a friendly poker game into a big argument.