Sunday, July 12, 2009

Apple iPhone Applications Get Upgraded

Apple has always been at the forefront of the mobile industry. In fact, part of the reason that they were able to basically resurrect from the dead earlier was because of the fact that the Apple iPhone and other mobile applications allowed them to steal a march on their competitors within the electronics industry. A large part of the march will be turned over to the iPhone 3G S, the newest product to be released in that line.

A lot of people are very excited about the Apple iPhone 3G S for the simple reason that it is coming to market with the force of a number of different applications behind it. In fact, as far as the world of poker is concerned, any player will be able to get some of the best poker applications around through this particular iPhone product.

A good example is a piece of software known as the Poker Tournament Manager. This is basically a piece of software that you can use to track your home games and keep statistics of all kinds. No longer do you have to walk around with a pen and paper. Instead, you can just use your iPhone as the headquarters for your home poker game with nobody being the wiser.

Another good example of a poker utility program would have to be Hold ‘Em Odds Quizzer. This game does exactly what the name implies. Because of that, it will allow you to brush up on your knowledge of Hold ‘Em while at the same time really enjoying everything that the game has to offer.

These are not the only types of applications available however, as the iPhone offers serious poker gaming as well. Zynga’s Live Poker 40k is a good example of that. It is a poker game that you can play on your new iPhone. Because of its overall excellence however, it is perhaps not at all surprising that it happens to be one of the most popular iPhone applications right now. As far as the Apple iPhone 3G S is concerned, this is a sweet time to be interested in playing poker games.