Tuesday, June 16, 2009

No Limit hold em Poker Profit Secrets

Texas Hold’em Poker is the most popular game of poker. The game is a very easy, fast paced game with one lots of things going on at once. Honestly, when I start playing, the basic rules of poker had me baffled at first time. As time past by and I learned how to play the game, I started getting into strategy and tricks.

When you first start playing poker, you will have no idea what is going on. You may think you know the game, but there is so much going on that you really can not tell unless you have played a lots of hands. I will tell you the 10 most important tips of the game you MUST look out for.

We will go over the 5 poker secret tips which will help you to win a lots of hands.
These tips are top secret and will only be found here in this blog. To fully understand the poker game and win by paying attention to every single tip and make sure to read it.

1. The first tip is, you must play only top strong hands. The fact that this is NO LIMIT means that you can lose all your chips in one hand. This is very important because you can lose if you make a simple mistake. Remember that you can lose everything in one turn so make sure you can handle the bets.

2. Betting is a very important aspect of no limit hold em. When you bet make sure that you do not bet before the flop. This means that you have a strong hand and will give it away. What you want to do is bet after the flop once you hit. Anything to keep you’re opponents guessing is a great way to win a table. Try to bet..

3. Try to bet at least two thirds of the pot. This is the minimum size bet you should make. Many people think that betting the size of the pot is a good size bet, but that is not correct. Make sure that you understand that there is no rules for betting.

4. Try to bet more what is normally being bet at the table. When Everyone is betting a same amount, most likely they do not want to throw away all there chips in one hand, try to bet a little more than that amount, while making sure everyone will call. This will allow you to bet as much money as possible which will help you to hit the top spot and win the money on the table.

5. Finally, lets talk a little about bluffing. This is a very important and in many cases over used tactic. It is very important to limit you are buffing. This massively risks your bankroll. You do not want to risk your bankroll because you will be losing the only thing keeping you in the game. Now lets talk about the “all - in” bet. This is a amazingly risky move because it will cause you to lose if you’re hand does not win. It is a way to hurt some peoples bankrolls while causing yours to strengthen immensely. This is something you will want to stay away from when you have strong hands. A strong hand is not meant to be played by throwing all you’re money in.

That concludes the secret tips and strategy, which will help you to skyrocket your profits while playing Texas Hold’em. Please use these tips to win every game you play. I guarantee; you will win more games with these tips!