Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sit and Go Poker Tournaments

Sit and go tournaments are a great way to pass time and play poker through tournaments on the internet. These tournaments are commonly found on poker website and can include a variety of skill levels, from beginners to novice players looking to increase their bank roll, or even play for fun.

Sit and go poker tournaments are popular for poker players looking to try their luck without waiting hours for a poker tournament to begin, as the name suggests, these tournaments can be played immediately from the time that the player joins the table. In most cases, there are usually around ten players that are involved in the sit and go tournament, through popular poker websites.

Sit and go tournaments include anywhere from six to twenty-five players usually and can include winners for the first one to ten places within the poker tournament, depending on how many people have entered the tournament. The prizes that are included in the tournament will depend on the amount that each player has paid to enter the tournament. The higher the entry fee for the specific tournament, the higher the pay for the people that place within the tournament.

Each player within the tournament has their own particular strategy when it comes to the sit and go tournaments; some of these common strategies include:

Playing Loose: Playing loose through the first couple of rounds of the tournament is a way fo the player to land hands that may have been folded in the first round if the bets were higher. This strategy is common for low-risk and low-bet sit and go tournaments and can help to establish yourself at the table and become the chip-leader. Once the player is cheap leader or one of the top chip holders, many players will tighten up their playing style and play this way until the end of the tournament.


Gel Lopez said...

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