Tuesday, April 21, 2009

How to play Texas hold em

This Texas hold em fame has recently growing with a huge number of people. People really start like this game and playing in certain rooms that are available and also having fun with their friends, family and relatives. It is very easy and convenient to play. People find it more interesting game. The one of the good reason of Texas hold em is that it is very ease to play with.

Look! You do not have to remember some hard rule and somehow if you lost it from your mind, you will be defeated. No, this is a quite simple game to understand and takes almost two minutes. This is the game that takes less time to understand and once you understand you would become masters for lifetime. Texas hold em is the most dramatic of the three, where any of the player, anytime can declare to bet everything. Minimum two players required to start the Texas hold em game and the combination can be taken using two hole cards and five community cards. Let’s see, between dealer one players to sit left to him, who put out blind bets and another player sit right to him, who put out big blind. Face down the card is called holes and every player does it. Now, they start betting on.

After three cards s are faced up in the center of the table, which is called the board. Now, flops on and betting begin with player left to dealer, who can check or bet. When the fourth card is face up then another round of betting can begins. The final card that was dealt will be face up. And the all players will show their cards they are playing with and the person who made the best five cards has won.

You have seen how easy it is to play Texas hold em, simply follow the certain rules and even you do not have to bother to remember them. And once you have learned how to play you would remember it for along time. Few things one has to remember. Make sure you learn the best starting hands in Texas hold em poker to play. It’s always good to have etiquette while playing. Practice reading the beats and try to remember the cards you are playing with and perceive it what others have. This is a simple game to play with and it is really sound very interesting as it is being played in every home and also there are also some places that create room for the Texas hold em poker playing game. This is the game for enjoyment and neither have you to involve a huge amount for playing. This is very next door game now.


Mr P said...

I remember explaining the game of poker to my niece in pretty similar, basic terms and then she proceeded to win an online tournament. Funny how these things happen. I guess it shows how sometimes you have to clear you mind and try not to over think.