Sunday, March 22, 2009

Which Poker Pros Play at

Harboring some of the biggest names in poker, PokerStars continues to add to their ever growing list of pro poker players and celebrity friends. They currently have 29 Pros and 5 Friends that can be found playing on online at any given time. We are sure you are familiar with Jason Alexander from Seinfeld and Orel Hershiser who is known as a retired pitcher from the L.A Dodgers. Although it was very difficult, we have compiled a list of our top 4 pros to try and catch on PokerStars. If you would like to try and catch up with a member of TeamPokerStars, we suggest you use the PokerStars Bonus Code to receive a great bonus as well.

Barry Greenstein

aka barryg1

Born December 30, 1954 in Chicago

Barry Greenstein has been playing poker most of his life. After graduating with a bachelors degree in computer science, he went to work for Symantec until he retired in 1991. Since then, his focus has been on poker. He is a master at mixed games and has personal preference for as many mixed games to be involved when playing their high stakes ring games. Barry Greenstein is also known as "The Bear" and more popularly known as "The Robin Hood of Poker" for his massively generous donations to various charities. He currently works on PokerRoad, a website created with stepson Joe Sebok, whom is also a poker pro. They have a radio show and various blogs from other poker pros. Some of his current winnings include cashing in 6 events in the 2008 WSOP for a total of $768,461. He also has won 3 bracelets, one in 2004 for 2-7 Draw NL, 2005 for Pot Limit Omaha, and 1 in 2008 for a $1,500 Razz tournament. If you would like to play with Barry, sign up at PokerStars and look for his screen name, barryg1.

Daniel Negreanu

aka KidPoker

Born July 26, 1974

Daniel Negreanu was simply born to gamble, not to mention play poker. After dropping out of high school with only a few credits to go, Negreanu headed over to Vegas to give it a shot playing poker. That didn't last long however as he made his way back to his hometown of Toronto to rebuild his bankroll. A couple years later, Daniel Negreanu is doing excellent and operating his site, Full Contact Poker, where he contributes daily to his blog and forum. He has an interesting challenge currently, trying to take $10 and turn it into $100,000 through proper bankroll management strategies. He simply states it was because he wanted a challenge. As of recent, he has placed in 5th place at the NBC Heads Up Event for a total of $75,000. His last 1st place finish was in 11/08 at the B.C Poker Championship. A fan of the "small ball" strategy, you can find tips from Daniel in Doyle Brunsons revised version of Super System II or you can pick up Daniels very own book, "more Holdem Wisdom For All Players." He can be found on PokerStars using the screen name KidPoker.

Chris Moneymaker

aka Money800

Born November 21, 1975

The man who started it all, Chris Moneymaker gave everyone hope when he turned a $39 satellite into a World Series Main Event win of over $2.5 million dollars. Prior to his big win, he an accountant and 9 months later quit his day job to play poker full time. He currently has a book out, "Moneymaker: How An Amateur Poker Player Turned $40 into $2.5 Million at the World Series of Poker." As of 2008, his total earning are over $2.8 million. Some of his notable cash finishes include his 6th place finish at the WCOOP event 5, which was the NLHE event and he walked away with $139,000. He also finished in 5th place for event 16, earning $28,000. Chris Moneymaker currently has 2 companies with one being a poker school and the other is "Moneymaker Gaming," where they make poker chips. You can find Chris Moneymaker at PokerStars using the screen name Money800.

Vanessa Rousso

aka LadyMaverick

Born February 5, 1983

After graduating early in 2003 from Duke University with a major in Economics and a minor in Political Science, Vanessa Rousso decided to play poker full time. She has a number of cash finishes under her belt including, 7th place at the WPT championship, 8th place at the 2006 WSOP 5k HLHE event, and 2006 she cashed for $285,450 at the Borgata Open. She currently has her own site where she writes on her blog and has recently done a photo shoot for Sports Illustrated. 2009 has been a great year for Vanessa as she made it to the semi finals in the NBC Heads Up Event and finished in 7th place for $80,000 in the 7th season of WPT. You can find Vanessa Rousso using the screen name "LadyMaverick" over at PokerStars.