Thursday, March 26, 2009

Heads Up Sit and Go Strategy

Heads up sit and go tournaments are by far one of the most profitable sit and go style tournaments available to a player who knows how to apply the correct strategy. Use our sit and go tips and you will be on the right track. A lot of players suffer a common misconception when it comes to a heads up sit and go tournament. Most players register for these tournaments thinking they're easier to win as there's only yourself and the person you are playing against. However, this is not true and an experienced player in heads up sit and go tournaments can win a lot of money from people with that mind frame.

One of the most important factors in heads up sit and go tournaments is position. This is the deciding factor in almost any heads up tournament and knowing when and how to use it to your advantage is a key to winning. If you are the dealer while playing heads up you will often want to raise provided you have at least a somewhat decent hand. This places the opposing player in a bad position and they will generally fold unless they feel they have a hand that is capable of beating yours. What this allows you to do is to show strength when the flop is shown and puts you in a better position to bluff if you do not have a good hand at the flop. If you are the big blind you should probably check unless you've been dealt a rather strong hand. This will force the opposing player to bet at the flop and if you're happen to catch something on the flop, it puts you in a better position to slow play them and take their money. If you are raised pre-flop and you do not have a good hand, you should probably fold.

Another important aspect in playing a heads up sit and go is knowing about hand strength. Knowing which cards to play and how to play them is a crucial step to winning a heads up sit and go. Card selection in a heads up sit and go differs from playing against multiple opponents. You generally want to be holding high suited cards, pocket pairs or unsuited high cards if you're wanting to bet and play pre-flop. If you are holding a relatively decent pocket pre-flop and play comes to you unraised, don't be afraid to play the hand. Also, regardless of the hand dealt, you should always try not to fold if you are the dealer as being in this position offers you a greater advantage and prime position when the flop shows up as the opposing player will always be forced to make the first move, and this gives you the opportunity to trap them and place them in a position where they're rendered helpless.

Regardless of how you choose to play your cards while playing heads up, always remember to play smart and use our sit and go strategy tips. If your hand is weak and you're not in a position to check it's often in your best interest to fold. If you're sitting as the dealer and you have a relatively strong hand you should raise and give yourself position after the flop. Playing smart while heads up, knowing how to control your position and selecting the proper cards to play is the difference between a first place victory and coming close to winning.


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