Wednesday, September 17, 2008

How Do You Make the Most Out of Freerolls?

Whether you are new to the world of online poker or have been involved in it for quite sometime, you have undoubtedly seen advertisements and promotions for freerolls. In case you aren't quite sure what a freeroll actually is, a freeroll tournament is a tournament that doesn't require an entry fee. Most online websites use freeroll tournaments to attract new players, and to reward beginning players who are just getting started with the website. Although it is not the easiest route in the world, if you need a method for building up your bankroll and are extremely limited on your own funds, playing in freeroll tournaments can help you establish a bankroll that you can use to start playing in more online poker events.

So, exactly how much money can you win in freeroll tournaments. To be honest, since freeroll tournaments do not require an entry fee, you are not going to find freeroll tournaments with big major prizes. However, this does not mean that you can't win any money playing in freeroll tournaments. Although it's not true for every single freeroll tournament, most of them are setup so that the winner gets a respectable prize, while a few other top finishing players may also get a small prize. If you don't win or place at the very top of a freeroll tournament, you need to realize that you are probably not going to walk away with any sort of prize. If you do finish at the top of a freeroll, depending on the website, you will win bonus money or even an actual cash prize.

This key to freeroll success is patience and focus. While it may be tempting to play a freeroll loosely, if you stay focused and take freeroll play seriously, you will end up getting a lot more out of the tournament than most players.

In addition to the monetary rewards that you can gain from freeroll tournaments, they also give you the opportunity to gain a significant amount of online poker experience. While your strategy in freeroll tournaments may end up being slightly different than how you play in other online poker events, the experience you gain in freeroll tournaments can form the basis for a wide variety of necessary skills, ranging from reading the habits of other players to not allowing your emotions to interfere with your play.