Monday, August 18, 2008

Power Sex and Poker

Ewart Brown, who is currently the Premier of Bermuda, has lead a very successful life. Born in Bermuda, Brown was given a scholarship to attend Howard University in the United States thanks to his extensive accomplishments in multiple sports, most notably track and field. Not only did he letter in track and field (along with football) and receive a Bachelor's degree while at Howard University, but he went on to obtain his M.D from the school's college of medicine. After practicing medicine in Los Angeles (where he also obtained a Masters of Public Health from the University of California), he returned to Bermuda in 1993 to pursue a political career, and in 2006, was elected as the Premier of Bermuda.

On the surface, his son seems to have lead a similar life to that of his father. Like his father, after Kevin Brown graduated from college, he went on to obtain his M.D. In addition to becoming a well-known doctor in Los Angeles (he practiced at the Crenshaw Expo Medical Center), Kevin Brown also operated his own charity named the Urban Health Institute. Kevin Brown had stated that the goal of the Urban Health Institute was to provide medical relief after natural disasters struck, specifically in the United States, Africa and South America.

Although the last paragraph makes Kevin Brown seem like an admirable person (just like his father), this all changed at the beginning of July. On July 8th, the thirty-seven year old was arrested for sexual battery against a patient. Although he probably thought he would be able to put all of this behind him by posting the fifty thousand dollar bail and hiring a great legal team, the city of Los Angeles had a lot more up their sleeves. Approximately two weeks later, Kevin Brown was arrested again, but this time he was charged with nineteen felony counts! Spanning over the course of two years, the counts range from sexual exploitation to performing a lewd act on a fifteen year old girl. Since Brown has so many connections in other parts of the world, he was deemed to be a flight risk and this time given a four million dollar bail, which has kept him sitting in a cell since he was arrested.

While nineteen counts of sexual felonies against patients seems bad enough, prosecutors are now finding more blemishes in Brown's past. One of the main ways that Brown would raise money for the Urban Health Institue was by throwing lavish poker tournaments at the Playboy Mansion. In addition to Hef and his beautiful bunnies, these poker tournaments attracted celebrities like Don Cheadle, Khloe Kardashian and of course, one of the best known celebrity poker players, Shannon Elizabeth. Although these poker tournaments were amazing and raised significant amounts of money, authorities now believe most of this poker money went into Brown's pockets instead of being given to the causes that truly needed it!

Since his arrest, prosecutors have added four more felony counts, bringing his total to twenty-three. His next appearance in court will be on September 4th, and if he is eventually convicted, he could face up to twenty-seven years in prison.


Josh said...

Sex and Poker is Power :D

Amrendra Kr. Singh said...

I think, stinging sex with power can not always be a true fact.Powe is something else to exert influence if one exercise this on such a devil work it eloped its meaning itself.